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Companies Try to Skirt Shutdown’s IPO Limbo

Today 09:55 GMT

Typically by this stage, the companies and their IPO advisers would already have, or be close to receiving, a first round of comments, but they are now waiting for feedback, the people said.

“Historically, companies have taken some comfort from the SEC review of an IPO,” said Karen Garnett, a former senior SEC official who is now a partner at Proskauer Rose LLP. If the IPO disclosures given to investors are later shown to have shortcomings, plaintiffs’ lawyers could pounce and point to the unusual way the deals were done.

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Sterling and Sané ensure Manchester City cruise to victory at Huddersfield

Monday 14:29 GMT

He was in the six-yard area at the time but still managed to put the ball wide and, at the final whistle, the supporters here must have wondered how long they might have to wait before City visit this place again.

Guardiola, one imagines, had a thing or two to say about it at half-time and City quickly put that right with the goals from Sterling and Leroy Sané in the 54th and 56th minutes. Early on, City had looked like a side in a hurry and Huddersfield were looking hassled even before that moment, 17 minutes in, when Danilo took aim from 20 yards and Christopher Schindler inadvertently diverted the shot into his own net.

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