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Source: The Week

The Supreme Court's dangerous silence

Sunday 23:38 GMT

Yet the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to weigh in on these obvious racial discrepancies in the criminal justice system.

Instead, it emphasizes constitutional colorblindness, which allows it to avoid confronting the judiciary's role in perpetuating racial discrimination in the U.S.. The Supreme Court has historically been viewed as a model for functioning constitutional democracies because of its power of judicial review, which enables it to act as an independent check on government.

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Source: The Week

The toll of 50 years on death row

Sunday 11:44 GMT

Hakamada suffers from a mental condition diagnosed as "prison psychosis," the result of spending nearly five decades on death row — thought to be the world record — for a quadruple murder that evidence suggests he did not commit.

Johnson said it's possible Hakamada could be sent back to death row but then granted executive clemency, and that it could actually increase public support for the death penalty because the government would be seen as acting mercifully.

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Source: DW

India 'snooping' order leaves citizens exposed to surveillance

Friday 11:45 GMT

Send Facebook Twitter google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. Rohini Lakshane, director of research at the Bachchao Project, a women's rights NGO working to promote open-source technologies, told DW that India's Interior Ministry published a statement following the order.

The petition is an attempt to annul the order, arguing that the "blanket surveillance order must be tested against the fundamental right to privacy."

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Source: Reuters

Supreme Court silent on 'Dreamers' appeal, other big cases

Saturday 22:44 GMT

It is looking increasingly likely that the U.S. Supreme Court will not hear Trump administration appeals involving the “Dreamers” immigrants, transgender troops and gay rights during its current term, meaning rulings in these major cases may not come until next year.

The Justice Department on Thursday said it would appeal Furman’s ruling and it could seek to fast-track the case to the Supreme Court, but by Friday had not yet filed anything with the justices.

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Source: Fox News

Laura Ingraham: Big questions about life and viability face the Supreme Court over ailing Bader Ginsburg

Saturday 14:30 GMT

Look, any time a sitting Supreme Court justice, especially at an advanced age, is in declining health, it does raise serious questions.

Because we've given so much power to the Supreme Court to run roughshod over the will of the people in the states, that's it become a super governmental force.

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Trump vows support to anti-abortion marchers in Washington

Saturday 20:54 GMT

U.S. President Donald Trump spoke in a prerecorded video to thousands of anti-abortion activists in Washington on Friday for the 46th March for Life, vowing to veto any legislation that “weakens the protection of human life.”

The anti-abortion march comes a day before thousands of women descend on Washington for their third march opposing Trump’s presidency.

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