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North Korea cancelled Mike Pence meeting last minute, White House says

Wednesday 22:49 GMT

North Korean officials “dangled” a historic meeting with the US vice-president Mike Pence during the Winter Olympics but pulled out at the last minute, the White House claimed on Tuesday.

North Korea had no immediate response to the reports from Washington, the Associated Press reported, but North Korean officials had said previously they had no interest or intention of meeting with Pence in Pyeongchang during the Olympics.

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Source: New York Times

Equality Still Distant Even as Black Unemployment Hits Milestone

Saturday 08:07 GMT

The unemployment rate for black Americans had hit its lowest point on record, a sign that the recovery was at last reaching groups that had been left behind.

Even at the low of 6.8 percent recorded in December — it climbed back to 7.7 percent in January — the unemployment level for black Americans would qualify as a near crisis for whites. But the achievement was bittersweet: Black joblessness was still roughly twice the rate for whites.

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Source: NBC News

Thousands of black women gather at Power Rising Summit for activism and engagement

Saturday 15:25 GMT

Power Rising, a national summit that’s been planned by, and for black women, has kicked off in Atlanta with a roster of celebs, elected officials and influencers slated to attend.

Black women from Women’s March national leadership will have a delegation participating in Power Rising, including Co-President Tamika Mallory. Other elected officials and politicos slated to speak include Stacey Abrams, the former Georgia House Minority Leader turned Democratic candidate for governor, and Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta’s newest mayor.

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Source: CBS News

Donald Trump Jr. calls Indian media "mild and nice"

Saturday 19:07 GMT

Donald Trump Jr. said at an Indian business summit Friday that life since his father's election "has been difficult from a family standpoint," but that he'd enjoyed the coverage he'd received during this trip. "I love the Indian media.

Speaking to an Indian TV station during his visit, Trump Jr. dismissed as "nonsense" claims that his family business is benefiting from his father's presidency and that critics forget the opportunities lost and don't give the family credit for doing the right thing.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte