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Source: BBC

Pain stopped by cold open water plunge

Wednesday 21:52 GMT

There is a risk from the body's acute cold shock response, which may affect the arm muscles while swimming and can lead to incapacitation and potential drowning within minutes if unsupervised.

The man's case has been reviewed by doctors who suggest a short, sharp cold water swim may offer an alternative to strong painkillers and physiotherapy. The 28-year-old man who suffered from post-operative pain found it disappeared totally after doing an open water swim.

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Source: New York Times

Diplomats in Cuba Suffered Brain Injuries. Experts Still Don’t Know Why.

Saturday 08:06 GMT

A group of American diplomats stationed in Havana appear to have symptoms of concussion without ever having received blows to their heads, medical experts have found.

The experts’ report, published late Wednesday in the journal JAMA, does not solve the mystery, instead raising even more questions about what could have caused the brain injuries. The incidents occurred in 2016, when 18 of the 21 affected diplomats reported they heard strange sounds in their homes or hotel rooms.

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Source: BBC

'He took my innocence and my career'

Tuesday 14:33 GMT

Outside court, Micky Fallon, another victim in the case, said the 12 victims Bennell was sentenced for - the 12 "survivors" - had "looked evil in the face and smiled".

On Monday, more than 30 years later, he was among the former youth football coach's victims able to tell Liverpool Crown Court of the devastation the experience has wreaked on their lives. Ex-Manchester City youth player Mr Unsworth said the horrors of his childhood led him to have a vasectomy years later.

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