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Source: DW

UNICEF: 'Child soldiers want to continue their education'

Tuesday 15:27 GMT

Certainly every child that I spoke to last week – and this is true for all the children that have been released in South Sudan – they all say they want to continue with their education or begin their education if they've never gone to school.

Three hundred South Sudanese children were released from armed groups through a UN-backed negotiation and 400 more are set to be released in the near future.

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Source: DW

Rumors feed a surge in migrants to Agadez

Friday 21:53 GMT

False rumors about a safe passage to Europe have drawn a large number of migrants to Agadez – even from far-away Asian countries.

The mayor of Agadez, Rhissa Feltou, says that there has been a major surge of Sudanese nationals coming to Agadez lately, "but also other countries where I don't have enough information to go into detail about nationalities and numbers." In addition to their numbers, there have also been changes in the demographic profiles of migrants and refugees passing through Agadez.

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Source: Fox News

Victim or threat Iraq has plan for ISIS fighters' wives, children

Sunday 10:50 GMT

After months of debate, Iraqi authorities have assembled a plan to deal with captured foreign ISIS wives and children of the crumbled caliphate, in what they hope balances security concerns with international law and due process.

“We are holding 500 wives of ISIS – all foreigners – and their children, which makes 1,500 total,” Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, the Iraqi Minister for Labor and Social Affairs, who presides over childcare issues, told Fox News. “And some of the ISIS wives are pregnant.”

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Source: Washington Post

States consider protecting benefits for DACA and TPS immigrants facing loss of status

Sunday 18:11 GMT

State lawmakers in Virginia and across the country are weighing a host of bills aimed at preserving driver’s licenses and other benefits for undocumented immigrants who may lose the protected status long afforded them by the federal government.

Participants in either DACA or TPS generally qualified for driver’s licenses and in-state college tuition even in states where those privileges are otherwise unavailable to undocumented immigrants.

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Source: New York Times

How the E.U.’s Migrant Crisis Reached the Streets of Brussels

Monday 21:51 GMT

Sudanese migrants like Mr. Khater are increasingly visible in Brussels, around train stations, in public squares and parks, sometimes sleeping in the streets.

After a public outcry condemning the remark as xenophobic, he offered his apologies to the prime minister, who did not accept them.

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