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Source: CBS News

Mudslide brings economic distress to a California enclave

Tuesday 11:48 GMT

The California mudslide that killed at least 20 people is causing distress miles from where the torrent of muck and boulders stopped, as a local economy that thrives on tourism and the lure of sun-soaked beaches was left reeling.

With the 101 Freeway clogged by mud and debris, cutting off traffic from Southern California, "There is hardly anybody in here," Johnson lamented. As searchers continued to look for bodies in the thick mud and evacuations remained in effect, the economic damage ranged up and down the coast, far from where the mudslide ravaged the celebrity getaway of Montecito.

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Source: The Guradian

Psychotherapist Philippa Perry's guide to resilience in the workplace

Tuesday 17:17 GMT

If you are in a business environment where everyone seems to be wearing a “game-face” and therefore you feel you must wear yours too, you run the risk of feeling unsupported, isolated and disconnected.

Dissociation is a disconnection between our thoughts, sensations, feelings and actions and is experienced as a sort of blanking out.

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Source: Global News

Should anti-abortion groups be allowed to register as charities?

Wednesday 11:48 GMT

READ MORE: Canada Summer Jobs program will no longer fund anti-abortion, anti-gay groups. “No anti-abortion agency should be registered as a charity,” said Joyce Arthur, executive director of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, which compiled the data on the number of anti-abortion groups operating as charities in Canada and is not itself a registered charity.

Of the close to 300 branches of anti-abortion groups listed in a new accounting of such organizations in Canada, 77 per cent appear to hold charitable status.

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Do moon phases produce big earthquakes Study debunks that idea

Wednesday 16:24 GMT

Hough said she decided to work on this study to rigorously test an idea that seismologists have long stated — that earthquakes aren’t more likely to happen on certain days of the calendar year or the cycle of the moon.

The study, conducted by U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Susan Hough, looked at earthquakes of magnitude 8 or greater over the past four centuries. And a review of more than 200 earthquakes demonstrated that there is no connection between the phase of the moon and the time when huge seismic events of magnitude 8 and greater strike.

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Source: Fox News

Naval base uses unique strategy to combat suicides, stress: A dog

Thursday 15:29 GMT

He’s a golden retriever yellow lab mix initially trained as a seeing-eye dog, a post-traumatic stress disorder therapy dog and, now, a stress dog.

“It’s more of an emotional bond that’s really unique in what a dog can provide,” Coogan said, “and we look to expand this program not only with the branch medical clinic here at JBA but across the Navy fleet.”

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