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Strong street cannabis 'psychosis danger'

Today 01:30 GMT

They estimate around one in 10 new cases of psychosis may be associated with strong cannabis, based on their study of European cities and towns.

In London and Amsterdam, where most of the cannabis that is sold is very strong, the risk could be much more, they say in The Lancet Psychiatry. Experts say people should be aware of the potential risks to health, even though the study is not definitive proof of harm.

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Mansion Global Daily: U.K. Sluggish Heading into Spring, Buyers Flock to East Germany and More

Wednesday 20:01 GMT

Read More. Buyers Flock to East Germany While German home prices have been on the incline for several years, with condos increasing in cost by 65% in recent years, many buyers are opting to live in East Germany rather than the cities of Hamburg and Munich.

Bloomberg. Price Drops in Australia Could Reach 30% It’s possible that home prices in Australia will be down by as much as 30% before things turn around, according to research by BIS Oxford Economics.

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Jeffrey Epstein was said to be a witness against Wall Street; an FBN investigation suggests otherwise

Wednesday 10:50 GMT

As the decade-old case continues to make headlines, one rationale goes something like this: Epstein, a friend of former President Bill Clinton and President Donald Trump, was able to serve just 13 months in prison after being accused of sexually abusing more than 30 minors over a period of eight years by hiring an O.J. Simpson-like dream team of high-priced legal talent, while using his inside knowledge of Wall Street to make him a valuable informant in the government’s crackdown of abuses following the 2008 financial crisis.

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Julien’s to Auction ‘In Situ’ Mosaic by Street Artist Invader

Tuesday 19:05 GMT

Julien’s Auctions will bring down the hammer on the sale of SD_10 (aka The Mothership), a 200-by-400-inch mosaic by the street artist Invader in April.

Some of the world’s leading brands plan to unveil designs for air, land, and sea. The Academy Award-winning director is helping introduce Bolivia’s national spirit to the U.S.. The Malaysian island features rainforest jungle, white sand beaches, and a thriving culinary scene. Julien’s Auctions will bring down the hammer on the sale of SD_10 (aka The Mothership), a 200-by-400-inch mosaic by the street artist Invader in April.

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'It was our catwalk': the children who gave their town a fashion makeover

Tuesday 20:56 GMT

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Every couple of weeks, Schneidermann, 27, and James, 29, would offer new workshops to the children who attended the youth centres: Schneidermann on photography, for the children who preferred to be behind the camera; James on styling and customisation for those who wanted to model or work with clothes.

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