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Logistics Report: Strains Over Shutdown; Uncharted Brexit Path; Shared Auto Making

Thursday 14:30 GMT

Agencies that oversee the flow of goods are starting to cut back services and working hours at some sites, the WSJ Logistics Report’s Erica E. Phillips writes, raising concerns that serious delays could spread if the impasse in Washington continues.

(SHD Logistics). FedEx Express will acquire the international express business of Israeli logistics firm Flying Cargo Group. (Air Cargo News). Three crude tankers are headed to China from Texas ports with the first U.S. oil purchased by Chinese buyers under a trade truce.

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The endless hunt for the perfect flu vaccine

Today 07:01 GMT

My only visit to the emergency department as a patient – the year I got a nasty case of the flu – was after I had been given the flu vaccine.

This method was used by the Cochrane collaboration, an international group of 37,000 medical contributors, in 2014, when they reviewed all the studies that evaluated the effects of the flu v

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