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Source: BBC

New cyclone batters Mozambique

Today 00:35 GMT

"Drawing lessons from Cyclone Idai we cannot take chances any more," said Department of Civil Protection Director Nathan Nkomo.

The cyclone has weakened in the past few hours but is forecast to cause flooding and bring storm surges of up to 5m (16ft). Mozambique's National Institute of Disaster Management (INGC) said 30,000 people had been evacuated from areas likely to be hit.

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Source: The Guradian

Cyclone Kenneth: Mozambique hit by its strongest storm ever

Today 01:30 GMT

The strongest cyclone ever to hit Mozambique has made landfall in the country’s north, five weeks after Cyclone Idai devastated its centre, according to meteorologists.

Surpassing both Idai and the 2000 cyclone that had been the strongest to date, Cyclone Kenneth hit Cabo Delgado province with wind speeds of 140km/h, bringing the threat of extreme rainfall. After forming off Madagascar’s coast earlier this week, Kenneth passed to the north of the island nation of Comoros on Wednesday night, killing three people and causing widespread damage to homes and infrastructure.

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Source: The Guradian

World's oceans are becoming stormier, researchers discover

Thursday 19:05 GMT

Slight increases in average wave height and wind speed were recorded in oceans across the globe, with the strongest effects in the Southern Ocean.

The world’s oceans have become more stormy during the past three decades, according to the largest and most detailed study of its kind. The findings add to concerns that as the world gets hotter, extreme events such as storms and floods could become more frequent and more devastating in their impact.

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