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New snowfall warning for B.C.’s South Coast

Thursday 18:12 GMT

Environment Canada has issued a new snowfall warning for Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Greater Victoria, the Sunshine Coast, and the Southern Gulf Islands.

B.C.’s South Coast begins digging out from storm, but more snowfall is on the way. And while the extended forecast calls for sunshine Sunday, more snow could hit B.C.’s South Coast on Monday. WATCH: Southwestern B.C. is getting a break from the weather, just enough time to clean up and dig out from a February winter storm.

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California: driving rain floods streets as mudslide forces evacuations

Today 02:24 GMT

Waves of heavy rain pounded California on Thursday, flooding streets, triggering a mudslide that destroyed homes and forcing residents to flee communities scorched by wildfires last year.

The powerful system swept in from the Pacific Ocean and unleashed damaging rain, snow and wind across the US west into Wyoming and Colorado after walloping northern California and southern Oregon a day earlier.

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'Atmospheric river' bringing threat of mudslides, flooding to California

Friday 10:49 GMT

A weather system known as an "atmospheric river" is unleashing heavy rain across California, bringing the threat of mudslides and flooding Thursday to a region that's already been slammed by days of rain and heavy snow. The National Weather Service's Weather Prediction Center said a strong storm system is unleashing an "anomalous surge of tropical moisture" across the Golden State.

"There is a high risk of excessive rainfall on Thursday for the southern California mountains, capable of causing flash flooding and mudslides."

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Winter weather from coast to coast — how long will stormy weather last in Canada?

Wednesday 14:30 GMT

“Often when one side of the country is experiencing cold and wintry weather, the other side is basking in relative warmth due to the configuration of the jet stream — well in today’s case, there’s enough cold air overtaking the entire country to bring winter weather from coast to coast.”

READ MORE: Snowstorms, ice pellets and a deep freeze — Canada’s relentless winter continues. Winter storms pounded regions in Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada and B.C. on Tuesday.

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'Atmospheric river': storms pummel California with snow, rain and mud

Friday 02:24 GMT

The tempest, aimed at California and southern Oregon and barreling toward Nevada, was feeding on a deep plume of moisture, known as an atmospheric river, stretching across the Pacific Ocean to near Hawaii, the National Weather Service said.

More rain, snow and wind hit America’s west on Wednesday, flooding roads, toppling trees and cutting power while raising threats of debris flows from wildfire scars.

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