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Source: Reuters

Beijing’s $175 bln boost raises stimulus conundrum

Tuesday 11:46 GMT

China’s economy is in far more robust shape than 2008, when Beijing cranked out a $580 billion stimulus plan to stave off collapse.

Despite the debt hangover from its last spree, the country does need to invest more in green technology, healthcare and education. The central bank said on Sunday it plans to pump another 1.2 trillion yuan ($175 billion) into the financial system.

1 Article
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This China Stimulus Won’t Power Copper Higher

Friday 01:31 GMT

In China, the single largest copper user, power and transport clock in at 22% and 8% of total consumption, respectively.

That is not such good news for copper demand, given that the latest round of China stimulus is likely to focus on areas like transport and water systems. A big government press conference on investment on Sept. 18, which sparked copper’s recent rebound, didn’t refer to power projects, while transport and water management were mentioned 48 times and 34 times respectively.

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