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Stephen Colbert: 'Did someone reset Trump to factory settings'


That didn’t stop Stephen Colbert from saying that the president’s attempt to procure money without congressional approval would “of course be insane”.

Thursday’s late-night shows taped in the limbo period between Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell’s proclamation that Donald Trump would declare a national emergency for border wall funding and the president’s official announcement on Friday morning.

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Stephen Colbert: 'He's not just Bernie Sanders, he's Grey Guevara'

Thursday 15:25 GMT

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert joked that Sanders announced his run “in the most Bernie way possible” by revealing it on Vermont public radio.

The current crop of Democratic candidates are more diverse than ever with more women and people of colour than ever before yet Sanders is keen to point out that he shouldn’t be judged for being older, whiter and more male. “Like Dr King, I have a dream – a dream where this diverse nation can come together and be led by an old white guy,” Colbert joked.

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Stephen Colbert: 'Americans have lost track of how unusual Trump's behavior is'

Friday 17:15 GMT

It has swirled into a resigned malaise because, as the Times put it: “Americans have lost track of how unusual his behavior is.”. “Please don’t do that,” Colbert pleaded.

Robert Mueller may wrap up his investigation into Russia’s role in the election this week, Stephen Colbert opened on Wednesday’s Late Show. Late-night hosts examined a trio of perils: obstruction of justice, climate change and big pharma’s role in the opioid crisis.

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