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Ben Shapiro: Hollywood hypocrisy plays starring bad guy role in Kavanaugh fight


It is a reminder that the sudden willingness to believe decades-old allegations against Brett Kavanaugh is rather convenient from a group of people who gave Roman Polanski an Oscar and spent decades celebrating Harvey Weinstein.

The finest celebrities America has to offer took to the streets last week to protest the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. These folks are nothing short of interpersonal saints and artists of heartbreaking genius.

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Apartment That Starred on ‘Chicago Fire’ Asks $1.775M

Wednesday 21:52 GMT

The industrial-chic apartment where firefighter Kelly Severide, the main character in American TV series "Chicago Fire," once lived hit the real-life market on Monday for $1.775 million.

Fans of "Chicago Fire" only got a snapshot during the first and second seasons of this lavish 4,000-square-foot apartment, which includes a home theater, a private rooftop deck, multiple wet bars and a hot tub. "Compared to so much new construction in the area, this apartment is one-of-a-kind with a very unique layout," said listing agent Rafael Murillo of Compass.

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