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I thought I was just starring in a movie, then my mom shocked me by telling me this secret

Sunday 04:13 GMT

Yes, I do secretly hope that one of the outcomes of all of these “coincidences” is that many will find the courage my mother found when she listened to her conscience and made the choice that gave me life.

I'm so grateful that my mother believed my life was more valuable than the price of a shotgun, that the money intended to end my life was used to give me life. I'm grateful that God, through his providence, planted me here to tell my story and that I have the privilege of sharing this film with the world.

1 Article
Source: Fox News

Jessica Starr, FOX2 Detroit meteorologist, mourned and memorialized by colleagues, fans

Saturday 11:45 GMT

Jessica Starr's high school basketball coach lauded the Michigan native as a "hometown hero," pointing to the hard-working and well-liked meteorologist as an example of what it means to have "made it."

"Kids have been hearing about her -- and that's not going to stop,” Schopf told FOX2 Detroit, the television station Starr worked for. “She's still a success story from Walled Lake Central [High School] and I'm not going to stop telling that story."

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