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Source: DW

As China takes 'center stage,' Europe stands at a crossroads

Friday 21:53 GMT

China "seems to be the rational actor that's fighting climate change, that is keeping markets open, that is continuing to praise the merits of globalization, which are undeniable," Jan Gaspers, head of the European China Policy Unit at the Berlin-based Mercator Institute for China Studies, told DW. "Of course, most of that is just rhetoric and they're not living up to what they're saying." For Europe, Beijing has tacitly started to fulfill a role that its traditional ally, the US, has seemingly cast aside under an "America First" doctrine.

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Source: New York Times

While ‘Last Week Tonight’ Was Away, John Oliver Was Busy

Saturday 11:47 GMT

Though its last new episode aired in November, Mr. Oliver said in a telephone interview this week that he and his staff had not been idle the past three months.

At the same time, Mr. Oliver said he appreciates that his show can do what his competitors on ad-supported broadcast and cable channels cannot. “To get people into a narrative for nine minutes, have a Doritos Locos Tacos ad, and then come back and say, ‘Oh, what were we talking about?’ — it’s hard,” he said.

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