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Canada stands tall in wood-based high-rise construction

Today 03:19 GMT

With Canada leading the way in terms of building codes, design and funding for future projects, the cities of the future could well feature the distinctive look of wood amid the towering glass and steel buildings already doting Canadian skylines.

That transformation in terms of building codes is happening in Canada already and is allowing Canada to really lead the way in building with wood. “We have a lot to be proud of — of the national organizations and the federal government that really championed this conversation not just in Canada but globally,” Green said.

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Source: The Guradian

Manchester United’s Ander Herrera and Paul Pogba extend Chelsea’s misery

Monday 23:39 GMT

Whenever Chelsea hesitated in midfield, United swarmed in to capitalise, with Ander Herrera snapping into challenges, Paul Pogba all leggy energy down the left, and Marcus Rashford too slippery to handle.

United’s opener had been slickly constructed through midfield, the passing orchestrated by Juan Mata, one of a trio of visiting players back in old haunts, to free Pogba from the mess of bodies down the flank.

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Source: Fox News

How Antonella Barba went from ‘American Idol’ stand out to troubled drug trafficker

Sunday 01:28 GMT

FORMER 'AMERICAN IDOL' CONTESTANT ANTONELLA BARBA TRIED DELIVERING FENTANYL, HEROIN, COCAINE, AUTHORITIES SAY. However, since becoming a household name in the world of “Idol” and beyond, Barba has found herself with a litany of troubles with the law.

"Antonella Barba is an unbelievably sexy girl who obviously knows how to have a good time," Francis said in a story reported by the now-defunct Gawker. "Why are people being ridiculed and punished for being sexual?

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Source: The Guradian

Anna Wintour: a rare face-to-face with the most important woman in fashion

Sunday 06:03 GMT

• Read more from the spring/summer 2019 edition of The Fashion, our biannual fashion supplement. One morning last August, Anna Wintour was playing tennis with her coach in the 40-acre grounds of her Long Island summerhouse.

Born in London in 1949 to a British father (Evening Standard editor Charles Wintour) and an American mother, Wintour moved to New York in her 20s. I try not to think about the scene in the 2009 Vogue documentary The September Issue when Stefano Pilati, then designer of Yves Saint Laurent, withers under her stony-faced appraisal of his latest collection.

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