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John Oliver on Trump: 'A mentally unstable man with nuclear weapons'

Tuesday 11:46 GMT

On his HBO show Last Week Tonight, the British comic called the president a “mentally unstable man with nuclear weapons” before playing footage of him with toilet paper stuck to his shoe. “At this point no one would be remotely shocked if he boarded Air Force One with an entire toilet stuck to his shoe,” he joked.

Oliver then referred to the rushed FBI investigation into disgraced supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as “wildly inaccurate” before criticising the Republican part for their “utterly shameless commitment to bad faith arguments” as they defended him against allegations of sexual misconduct.

1 Article
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Scotland’s Sporting Estates Are Proving to Be Stable Investments

Saturday 11:45 GMT

Scotland's sporting estates, with their sprawling acres of forests, fields of purple heather, flowing rivers and rugged hills dotted with red deer, are more cinematic than most other global real estate properties.

Prices of prime country homes in Scotland—of which sporting estates form a portion of the market—rose 2.1% in the third quarter compared to the same period last year, according to a Knight Frank price index published in early October.

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