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NATO at 70: Bringing its values to the table?

Today 18:11 GMT

DW's Tim Sebastian asked Rose Gottemoeller, NATO's deputy secretary general, as they discussed Donald Trump's claims that NATO allies have not spent enough on defense and owe the US for the shortfall.

Pressing the deputy NATO chief further, Sebastian asked if it was true that the US was not owed any money and that it was not spending more because allies were spending less, as a former US ambassador to NATO had said.

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Trump campaign discloses spending at the president’s own businesses

Tuesday 20:00 GMT

As analysts pore over the latest financial disclosures from the 2020 presidential candidates, the spending by the incumbent’s team at his own businesses is getting attention.

It paid $25,436 to the Trump Corporation for “legal & IT consulting,” while spending $5,289 at Trump’s hotels for lodging and $584 at the Trump Grill. Campaigns typically spend on hotels, food and lawyers who handle compliance matters, but these outlays “raise more attention” because the name is Trump attached to the recipients, Anna Massoglia, a Center for Responsive Politics researcher, told MarketWatch.

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Source: BBC

Why the Swiss still love cash

Today 09:54 GMT

Discussing the new note in early March, SNB Vice-Chairman Fritz Zurbruegg described cash for the Swiss as a “cultural phenomenon” and said the 1,000 franc note “corresponds to what people want”. It was popular for high-value purchases and paying bills at the post office, as well as being “a store of value”, he added.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology remain hot topics for Swiss start-ups and established companies alike, and a recent study by Lucerne University found that Swiss fintech growth accelerated significantly in 2018 both in terms of the number of companies and the venture capital invested.

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Source: The Guradian

Bureaucratic glitch: UK suspends visa enrolment for American citizens

Wednesday 15:25 GMT

Biometric enrolment for American citizens seeking to move to the UK has been suspended for more than two weeks because the British government missed a payment to the Department of Homeland Security, according to sources familiar with the bureaucratic glitch.

Visa applicants who arrive at application support centres have been given a slip of paper saying: “Due to unanticipated events we are unable to accept UK visa applicants at this time. We are working closely with the UK to resolve this and hope to begin processing again soon.”

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