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U.S. Auto Makers Hit Speed Bumps Abroad

Monday 15:25 GMT

Full-size pickups like Ford’s F-150 and GM’s Chevrolet Silverado—along with mechanically similar big SUVs, like the Ford Expedition or GM’s Cadillac Escalade—contribute the lion’s share of profits for both companies, he estimates.

As much of the global auto industry descends on Detroit this week for its annual auto show, the good news in the U.S. is being tempered with flashing yellow lights overseas.

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Will Germany use autobahn speed limits to cut carbon emissions?

Saturday 21:49 GMT

Germany could face hefty EU fines if it fails to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, and observers see the transport sector, alongside energy and housing, as a key to meeting emissions reduction targets.

The issues of speed limits and fuel tax hikes are highly unpopular in Germany — not least due to the work of the country's powerful automobile lobby — and reactions to Friday's publication of the working paper were swift.

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