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John Walker Lindh, the 'American Taliban,' is going free – Should we be worried?

Today 00:35 GMT

JOHN WALKER LINDH, AMERICAN EX-TALIBAN FIGHTER, TO BE RELEASED IN MAY, HASN'T DENOUNCED ISLAMISM. That Lindh might someday decide to go back to the battlefield as an illegal combatant really doesn’t enter the calculus of the law.

Why? It’s a very safe bet that U.S. security officials will assess Lindh as a “continuing risk” and put him on a terrorist watch list.

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‘Let her speak’: Conservatives drown out Bill Morneau during budget speech

Wednesday 20:54 GMT

Conservatives in the House of Commons drowned out Finance Minister Bill Morneau as he spoke about the federal budget Tuesday, their loud chants of “let her speak, let her speak” a reference to former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould and the SNC-Lavalin affair. Several members on the Opposition benches also yelled “cover-up” and stomped loudly, drowning out Morneau’s voice for several minutes.

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Indigenous artist Jeremy Dutcher delivers moving reconciliation speech at Junos

Tuesday 04:14 GMT

During his acceptance speech, Dutcher, 28, called out the prime minister on his supposed lack of effort to reconcile Indigenous communities with the rest of Canada.

Instead of making any kind of speech, the Arkells gave their time to Dutcher and his message of building “nation-to-nation relationships.” 2019 Juno Awards winners — Shawn Mendes wins 5, including album of the year. With their latest and highly-regarded album Rally Cry (2018), the five-piece took home the award for Best Rock Album.

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Alberta’s 2019 election underway as Premier Notley drops the writ

Wednesday 11:46 GMT

“It is time for an election,” Premier Rachel Notley exclaimed at an event in Calgary, where she dropped the writ on Tuesday morning.

Since January, when the provincial government announced a date for the throne speech, the NDP has been busy with a steady stream of funding and policy announcements, while opposition parties have also been busy making campaign-style promises and hosting media events.

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