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Source: Fox News

Zuckerberg’s security bill quadrupled as Facebook warns of ‘specific threats to his safety’

Tuesday 06:05 GMT

"Our compensation and governance committee believes that these costs are appropriate and necessary in light of the threat landscape, and the fact that Mr. Zuckerberg has requested to receive only $1 in annual salary and does not receive any bonus payments, equity awards or other incentive compensation," Facebook added.

"Since the implementation of Mr. Zuckerberg's overall security program, each of these assessments has identified specific threats to Mr. Zuckerberg as a result of the high-profile nature of being our founder," Facebook wrote.

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Source: The Guradian

Italian broadcaster sparks fury over plans for gender-specific channels

Today 11:46 GMT

A reorganisation of some of the company’s channels as part of its strategic plan could result in one airing shows and films geared more towards men, and one aimed at women.

The row erupted after it was announced Rai Movie and Rai Premium, channels that air repeats of popular films, would merge to create a new channel broadcasting shows and films targeted at men, while a similar version aimed at a female audience would be established.

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