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Why foreign language music is now a hit

Today 18:11 GMT

Nena's 1984 hit, 99 Red Balloons, was a hit in the US in German - but had to be translated into English before it was released in the UK: "Almost as if Britain was considered too insular for it to be a hit in a foreign language," remarks Masterton.

Since then Dua Lipa has collaborated with South Korean supergroup Blackpink, and the Black Eyed Peas have joined forces with K-pop's self-proclaimed "baddest female", CL.. "Looking back through history, we generally only see foreign language songs as being one-off novelties like Las Ketchup," says James Masterton, author of the website Chart Watch UK.. "Nothing really ever started a trend. Yes, Julio Iglesias and La Bamba topped the charts with Spanish language hits but they were always one-offs."

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Groove Armada: how we made At the River

Tuesday 08:06 GMT

After we left university we DJ-ed together for a little club night in London, called Captain Sensual at the Helm of the Groove Armada.

My dad was a trombone player too, and the blues lick in At the River came from a spiritual we played together, also called At the River, so the title is a nod to those sessions with my dad. The trombone melody just came to me when I was blowing over the chord sequence with the equipment set up on the dining table, before we started recording.

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The crunch of an apple makes me want to run away

Tuesday 09:56 GMT

That is what I'm hoping for more than a treatment - just being able to have that discussion with someone without them making me feel like I'm a freak."

"It makes me jump off my chair and I'll have to do something to make it stop, which is not the case with all of my other triggers. "My reaction to this one is really physical because it's one of the worst for me," she says.

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