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Source: New York Times

Scott Hamilton Was Demoted as an Olympic Broadcaster. Don’t Feel Sorry for Him.

Monday 21:51 GMT

She said he was still involved in the broadcast “in a big way” because he brings something unique — and that’s Scott Hamilton being Scott Hamilton.

Hamilton has been relegated to a show called “Olympic Ice” on the secondary NBC Sports Network, where he teams up with Tanith Belbin, an Olympic silver medalist in ice dancing, and the sportscaster Liam McHugh.

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Source: Fox News

Prestigious Hawaii school pays $80M to victims of 'monstrous sexual abuse'

Sunday 10:50 GMT

Kamehameha School in Honolulu, Hawaii, a well-regarded school on the islands that receives billions of dollars a year in endowments, was accused of covering up sexual abuse reported by students for 27 years from 1958 to 1985 by psychiatrist Robert Browne, The Washington Post reported.

A prestigious Hawaii school has agreed to pay $80 million to former students sexually abused by a psychiatrist spanning for decades.

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