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Strange Fruit: The most shocking song of all time?

Today 08:58 GMT

“Can you imagine never having heard this song before and realising what the strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees is? That’s something that unfolds in the time of listening, so that image of bulging eyes and twisted mouth jumps out at the listener.”

In his 2001 book Strange Fruit: The Biography of a Song, the writer David Margolick suggests the club, with its policy of complete integration, was “probably the only place in America where Strange Fruit could have been sung and savoured”.

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Source: The Guradian

Guava Island review — Donald Glover's film has more style than substance

Tuesday 14:31 GMT

Shot in a postcard-like 4x3 aspect ratio and with an earthy, desaturated grain that lends the sights and sounds of island life a certain timeless and elemental character, Guava Island, a 55-minute film dropped by Donald Glover and his close collaborator Hiro Murai over Coachella weekend, is a reliable feast for both the eyes and ears.

One imagines Guava Island played better at the music festival in Indio (where Glover, performing as his musical alter-ego Childish Gambino, premiered the film on Thursday night) than it does on Amazon, which made the “tropical thriller” available for streaming shortly after.

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Source: Reuters

Redemption song: Tiger sings familiar tune at Masters

Tuesday 02:25 GMT

(Reuters) - With the cool stroke of a putter under ominous clouds hovering over the 18th green at Augusta National, Tiger Woods put an emphatic finishing touch on the most redemptive victory in sport history on Sunday.

While the scene was a familiar one since Woods came into the week with four Green Jackets, this one was the most improbable given it followed years of surgeries and personal problems that convinced many the best golfer of his generation was done.

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