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Let’s talk about how ‘My Heart Will Go On’ is iconic. (Even if you hate it.)

Today 05:11 GMT

With all the mockery (even Kate Winslet has said that hearing the song makes her feel like throwing up), it’s easy to overlook the iconic track’s unbelievably massive success.

According to Billboard magazine’s oral history of “My Heart Will Go On,” the studio hoped to incorporate a hit song into the film for marketing purposes.

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Musicians and fans react to the death of power pop singer-songwriter Tommy Keene

Today 05:10 GMT

Keene is survived by his longtime partner, Michael Lundsgaard; his father, Robert Keene; stepmother Dorothy Keene; brother Bobby Keene; and nephews Hunter and Jason Keene.

Keene’s death was confirmed by his publicist, Cary Baker, who wrote that “the 59 year-old Keene passed away unexpectedly, but peacefully, in his sleep at his Los Angeles area home on Wednesday.” A major figure in the so-called “power pop” movement that sprouted in the 1970s and ‘80s, Keene worked alongside or inspired kindred spirits including the dBs, Matthew Sweet, Guided by Voices, the Replacements and Ted Leo.

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Crooner, inspiration, father I never had: Gregory Porter on his hero Nat King Cole

Thursday 01:33 GMT

One day a director asked: “Man, what is this thing with Nat?” I told him and, to cut a long story short, ended up writing my first ever piece of musical theatre: Nat “King” Cole & Me.

Even though Nat was a hugely successful artist with audiences across the country, parts of America seemed closed to him. When I think about the racism he faced, I find it amazing to see how his sophistication, intelligence and warmth always shone through.

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Giving thanks for the music that (almost) redeemed 2017

Friday 02:26 GMT

Yet as tough as this year has been for so many, it can’t be described as a total loss, and that’s thanks in part to some happy developments in the music world.

Yet the effect may be short-lived: Billboard says that in 2018 it plans to change the way it compiles the Hot 100, giving more weight to paid streams (on Apple Music, for instance) than to the free, ad-supported streams (on services such as YouTube) favored by many young people.

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Colin Kaepernick and the Legacy of the Negro National Anthem

Thursday 10:52 GMT

Well before then, however, black communities across the Jim Crow South were instead embracing the soaring, aspirational lyrics of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” — otherwise known as the Negro National Anthem — which was sung in churches, at civic events and even in schools, where substituting the song for “The Star-Spangled Banner” was a quiet act of rebellion against the racist status quo.

The professional football player Colin Kaepernick appealed to that same sense of injustice last year when he knelt during “The Star-Spangled Banner” to protest police violence against African-Americans.

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Showgirls, a Monster and a Drag Queen: Singing Songs of Self

Friday 00:35 GMT

Jamie has always known that he was destined to be a drag queen, a goal in which he has been encouraged by his self-sacrificing, blue-collar mother, Margaret (Josie Walker, who inevitably sings a number of bottomless love called “He’s My Boy”).

I mean the Monster in “Young Frankenstein,” Mel Brooks’s musical adaptation of his 1974 cinematic spoof of vintage horror flicks. A bloated, lumbering production that seemed hamstrung by excess when it opened in New York 10 years ago, it has been reincarnated at the Garrick Theater in a slimmer, more light-footed form.

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Linda Ronstadt's 'Canciones de mi Padre' changed my life, and my culture

Friday 08:05 GMT

Whenever I hear the opening of Linda Ronstadt’s “La Charreada” I think back to the winter of 1987, when I was 8 years old. That’s when my mom bought Ronstadt’s latest release: “Canciones de mi Padre” (“Songs of My Father”), a Spanish-language cover album that remains a milestone of American music and Mexican American history.

To promote the album, Ronstadt appeared in all tiers of American pop life: the hip (“Saturday Night Live,” where she performed two tracks with Mariachi Vargas), the august (PBS’ “Great Performances,” for which she recorded a special), and the muy mainstream “Today” and “Good Morning America.” Her best performance was on “Sesame Street,” where she sang “La Charreada” in English to Elmo backed by a Muppet mariachi that nailed it.

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The Culture Is Changing, With Feminist Cheese

Thursday 22:46 GMT

A new label in progress for the cheese shows an image of this girl: flanked by animals, smiling as she looks hopefully toward a boundless sky.

Last year Erin Bligh, the proprietor of Dancing Goats Dairy in Newbury, Mass., planned to introduce a new cheese — hard, with spicy peppers — called Madam President, in what she assumed would be a fromage homage to a historic election. Then came the unexpected result: hard cheese indeed, in the Evelyn Waugh sense of the phrase.

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David Cassidy, "Partridge Family" star, dead at 67, publicist says

Thursday 02:29 GMT

David Cassidy, the teen heartthrob star of the hit "The Partridge Family" who went on to have a long show business career although he battled alcoholism later in life, is dead, his publicist said Tuesday.

His big break came at age 20 when he nabbed the role of Keith Partridge, one of the singing kids of "The Partridge Family," alongside his real-life stepmother Shirley Jones. The show centered around a widow and her five children who traveled the country in a psychedelically-painted school bus.

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