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Source: NBC News

Did owner of million-dollar U.S. home help North Korea evade sanctions?

Wednesday 20:59 GMT

"Until February of 2016, U.N. sanctions against North Korea were strong on paper but poorly enforced, and U.S. sanctions against North Korea were comparatively weak — weaker than our sanctions against Belarus and Zimbabwe," said Joshua Stanton, a North Korea expert and former Army officer.

According to Chinese corporate filings, Sun is the listed owner of Dandong Dongyuan Industrial Co., which has shared an email address with another Chinese company, Dandong Zhicheng Metallic Material Co., a coal exporter suspected of helping North Korea evade sanctions.

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Source: New York Times

U.S. Slaps Egypt on Human Rights Record and Ties to North Korea

Today 08:07 GMT

The Trump administration on Tuesday denied Egypt $96 million in aid and delayed $195 million in military funding because of concerns over Egypt’s human rights record and its cozy relationship with North Korea.

While Mr. Sisi approved the new law almost two months after his meeting with Mr. Trump, concerns over Egypt’s human rights record and its relationship with North Korea have been percolating for years.

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