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Source: Fox News

Reverend says 'miracle' restored his sight 14 years after losing vision

Today 09:01 GMT

A West Virginia reverend said the miracle he waited 14 years for has restored his vision, enabling him to relive his daughter’s wedding through photos and videos and see the faces of his four grandchildren for the first time.

Rev. Philip Dunn, of the Valley Christian Assembly in Charleston, never left the pulpit after losing his sight to cataracts and macular degeneration and listened to the Bible on tape to prepare his services.

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Source: BBC

Drone sighting disrupts major US airport

Wednesday 23:40 GMT

The incident follows major disruption over the Christmas period at London’s Gatwick airport, where apparent drone sightings grounded hundreds of flights over the course of three days.

We are working closely with the airport and the FAA to return our operations to normal as quickly as possible,". Earlier this month, London's Heathrow airport, the country's busiest, held flights for about an hour after a sighting - but was soon operating as normal.

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