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Rose McGowan responds to former manager Jill Messick’s death

Tuesday 21:52 GMT

Rose McGowan says she hopes her former manager, Jill Messick, will "find peace" and "serenity" after the Hollywood executive died by suicide last Wednesday. Messick's family said she had bipolar disorder and found the harsh media spotlight "devastating" after an email from Harvey Weinstein's attorney appeared to show Messick supported Weinstein's claim that he did not rape actress Rose McGowan.

Messick did not respond, but after her death, her family disputed some of McGowan's claims, saying that Messick did take action after McGowan told her about an alleged sexual encounter with Weinstein.

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Source: CBS News

Flu season could cost businesses billions this year

Wednesday 07:02 GMT

Federal health officials are urging those sick with the flu to stay home from work or school and while that recommendation is critical to helping prevent the flu's spread, it's estimated to cost businesses across the country billions of dollars, reports CBS News' Vladimir Duthiers.

This season, more than 40 school districts in at least 13 states have closed because of the flu, many in an effort to eliminate any trace of the virus.

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Source: New York Times

White House Was Warned of Aide’s Background Months Earlier Than Acknowledged

Wednesday 07:02 GMT

Mr. Wray said that the bureau delivered to the White House a partial report on problems in Mr. Porter’s background in March, months earlier than the White House has admitted receiving the information.

Mr. Wray said on Tuesday that while the background investigation was closed in January, the bureau “received some additional information” after the file was closed and passed that on to the White House as well.

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To address mass shootings, then-candidate Trump suggested "institutions" for "sickos"

Saturday 08:06 GMT

In remarks Thursday addressing the deadly Florida school shooting, President Trump said he was working with "state and local leaders" to "tackle the difficult issue of mental health." In a January 2016 interview with "Face the Nation," then-candidate Trump offered one possible solution on the topic.

"One thing we know is if there are early indications for mental illness, I think we probably have to do a better job of making sure people don't slip through the cracks," Ryan said.

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Flu season shows signs of leveling off

Saturday 22:45 GMT

Preliminary data released last week indicated patient traffic in doctor's offices and emergency rooms this flu season was as bad as the height of the swine flu pandemic in 2009.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report said the number of states reporting heavy flu patient traffic also held steady at 43.. "I thought I was going to die, I really did," said Ben Bland, a 39-year-old event planner in Kansas City, Missouri, who was hospitalized this week with pneumonia on top of flu. "My lungs felt like they were going to blow out of my esophagus every time I coughed.

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Source: Washington Post

My toddler was so sick with the flu. Here’s why I think he survived.

Monday 08:59 GMT

“I take that moment, and I take a breath and go, ‘This is in honor of Joseph.’?”. This flu season has now reached pandemic levels (but it’s not technically a pandemic)

While the best time to get the vaccine is in September or October before flu season begins in earnest, public health and medical experts continue to stress it’s not too late to get a flu shot. For her part, Marotta always vaccinated herself and her children, but now flu shots have a particular significance.

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