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Source: Washington Post

Markets across Asia open down sharply, following Wall Street tumble

Friday 07:00 GMT

  Stock markets in Asia dropped sharply Thursday morning, with investors from Australia to Japan and everywhere in between reacting to the sell-off in U.S. markets triggered by fears of that rising interest rates will lead to slower growth in the world’s largest economy.

“With most Asia equity markets now open, it’s looking bleak — albeit only as expected and no worse,” wrote Mark Cudmore, a Singapore-based macro strategist for Bloomberg.

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Bond yields are surging -- here's why investors should care

Saturday 19:05 GMT

While the attention of investors was riveted by the sharp selloff in stocks earlier this week, another key turn in financial markets is worth paying attention to: The spike in bond yields.

"Investors are laser-focused on rising bond yields as this has caused agita for both fixed-income as well as equity investors over the past week," Daniel Ives, managing director of equity research at Wedbush Securities, said in an email to CBS MoneyWatch.

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Behind Market Turmoil, Potentially Good News

Saturday 20:55 GMT

Nonetheless, there are many ways things may not go according to plan: Growth may abruptly downshift as a tax-cut fueled “sugar high” recedes; tight labor markets and tariffs could push up inflation; or emerging market turmoil could spread.

In its semiannual outlook released this week, the International Monetary Fund said the U.S. economy is already operating above its normal capacity, and the fiscal boost coming from lower taxes and increased spending “could lead to an inflation surprise,” triggering rapid rate increases, global financial turmoil, and a stronger dollar, all bad for global growth.

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