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Court orders partial ban for diesel cars in Berlin

Wednesday 12:42 GMT

A court in Berlin has sided with environmentalists and ordered a ban on diesel vehicles for several areas in the city's center.

The court gave the Berlin Senate until 2020 to implement the ban, but city officials have already said that such a timeline was impossible. The suit was brought by the non-profit Environmental Action Germany (DUH), who had previously sued the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) over the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal.

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Source: Washington Post

Jay Gruden, Redskins have several problems to fix: ‘We have a cloud looming over our head’

Thursday 00:37 GMT

The Redskins' Jay Gruden tried to sound excited about the 2-2 record that has given his team a half-game lead in the division, but he frequently gave way to discussing the disappointment he felt over the team’s most recent performance.

The new quarterback, Alex Smith, hasn’t been able to effectively distribute the ball to the Redskins' playmakers — a group that struggled against the Saints even before several members suffered injuries.

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Source: BBC

Flash flood kills at least five on Majorca

Thursday 08:06 GMT

A huge wave of muddy water engulfed the town of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, in the east of the island, after a river burst its banks following heavy rain.

Three helicopters and a Hercules military transport plane are also being sent from the mainland Spanish city of Valencia to help with search and rescue efforts. Images and footage posted on social media showed vehicles being swept along, some with headlights switched on, as a current of brown water gushed through narrow streets.

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Bulgaria corruption in spotlight after journalist Viktoria Marinova's murder

Thursday 17:16 GMT

On Saturday, the body of Bulgarian television journalist Viktoria Marinova was found in the city of Ruse, near the Danube River.

"Given Bulgaria's serious problems with press freedom and democracy, it is understandably being asked whether Marinova's murder could have been linked to her work as a journalist," Kaddik said. "What I find dangerous, however, is that many Western media outlets are already fully convinced the crime had something to do with her job."

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Source: Fox News

Arnold Schwarzenegger admits he ‘stepped over the line several times’ with women in the past

Friday 13:37 GMT

Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted he “stepped over the line several times” with women in the past and regretted calling his political opponents “girlie men.” In an interview with Men's Health published Wednesday, “The Terminator” actor addressed the #MeToo movement and said he apologized for his behavior toward women in the past.

In 2003, Schwarzenegger was running for governor of California when he was accused of groping women without their consent.

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Michael Blasts Deadly Path Across Several Southern States

Friday 21:53 GMT

The wounds left by Hurricane Michael, one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever hit the U.S., came into focus across this small coastal community a day after the storm made landfall.

By Thursday, Michael had been downgraded to a tropical storm and was drenching the Carolinas, which are still recovering from the deluge of rain unleashed last month by Hurricane Florence. At least six deaths have been attributed to Michael, which blasted a swath of destruction across several states.

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Source: CBS News

Gender gap helps keep Democrats in front — CBS News poll

Monday 03:20 GMT

Democrats are being helped by a gender gap in the race for the House in these key districts: Men are backing Republican candidates by 7 percentage points, while women are supporting Democrats by 12 points.

Also, Democrats are partly relying on new voters — more than one in five of those backing Democrats did not vote in either the 2010 or 2014 midterm elections. Black voters' strong support for Democrats is in part because these voters see the Democratic Party working for them, and the Republican party against them.

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