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Death sentence for abortion The hypocrisy of US pro-lifers is plain to see

Friday 09:00 GMT

For context of how extreme that is, even in the United States before Roe v Wade made abortion broadly legal, the procedure was outlawed in most states but was not considered murder – abortion was its own crime.

In the Trump era, abortion rights opponents have grown more emboldened, and seem to be moving from a longstanding strategy of chipping away at abortion rights to full-on assaults. We were told we were being hysterical and not adequately defending pregnant women.

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La Loche school shooter facing life in prison appealing adult sentence

Friday 11:45 GMT

The shooter was weeks shy of turning 18 when he killed two brothers at their home and then a teacher and a teacher’s aide at the La Loche high school in 2016.

He was sentenced as an adult last year to life in prison with no chance of parole for 10 years after pleading guilty to first-degree murder, second-degree murder and attempted murder. Defence lawyer Aaron Fox plans to ask the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal to sentence the shooter as a youth or order a new hearing.

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Brazilian comedian gets jail sentence for video attacking leftwing politician

Friday 19:06 GMT

A row over free speech has erupted in Brazil after a foul-mouthed conservative comedian was given a six-month jail sentence for abusing a leftwing politician.

Gentili was tried over a 2017 video he shared on social media, in which he ripped up a notice he had been sent by the Brazilian congress asking him to remove offensive tweets about do Rosário, stuffed it into his underpants and directed obscenities at her.

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Johnny Bobbitt, homeless veteran involved in GoFundMe scheme, set to be sentenced

Saturday 15:24 GMT

Bobbitt, who concocted a feel-good story with a woman and her boyfriend to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars as part of a GoFundMe campaign, is set to be sentenced on Friday.

Bobbitt, 36, allegedly conspired with Katelyn McClure and her then-boyfriend Mark D'Amico in 2017 to create a page on GoFundMe's website detailing how Bobbitt acted as a "Good Samaritan" and rescued McClure by giving her his last $20 when she ran out of gas along the highway.

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Homeless man sentenced to five years probation for GoFundMe scam

Saturday 21:49 GMT

A homeless man was sentenced to five years’ probation Friday after admitting last month that he conspired with a couple to scam the public out of $400,000 in donations by concocting a feel-good story about him helping a motorist in distress.

If he violates those conditions, he will be sentenced to five years in prison with no possibility of parole for at least 18 months. The story of Bobbitt, a homeless military veteran, giving Katelyn McClure $20 when she ran out of gas on a highway in Philadelphia “was designed to pull at the heartstrings of caring, trusting individuals,” Burlington County Assistant Prosecutor Andrew McDonnell said in court, adding that the three exhibited “deplorable behaviour.”

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Florida man who threw daughter off bridge sentenced to life in prison

Today 18:11 GMT

A Florida jury on Tuesday found a man guilty of first-degree murder for dropping his 5-year-old daughter off a bridge four years ago, despite arguments from his attorneys that he was insane and thought his actions would actually save her.

4-year-old Christchurch shooting victim wakes from coma, and now she can’t see. At the moment he threw her off the bridge, “he thought he was protecting his daughter,” Manuele said. “It will never make sense because it’s insanity.”

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