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Even low levels of exercise can reduce cardiovascular risk in seniors: study

Friday 23:50 GMT

Carried out by the Academic Medical Centre, in Amsterdam, the 18-year study looked at 24,502 adults aged 39 to 79 years to compare the association between different levels of physical activity and the risk of cardiovascular disease in elderly to middle-aged individuals.

New European research has found that when it comes to exercising in our senior years, something is better than nothing for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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UCLA's senior send-off will be missing a key figure before Bruins play Cal on Friday

Friday 23:51 GMT

“Right now, if we can pull this thing together and come back with great energy next week, which I expect us to do, and we can go out and we can defend our home field again and we can get to a bowl,” Mora said, “I think it will mean a lot for these young men given the circumstance of this situation and that’s what we’re going to try to do.”

“He’s one of the reasons why I came 1,800 miles away, from Louisiana, to be a part of this organization,” Bruins senior linebacker Kenny Young said of Mora.

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Canadians can expect a tax hike as senior population grows: report

Wednesday 20:03 GMT

The big upward pressure isn’t going to hit until most of the baby boomers are starting to leave the labour force, and when they start to hit ages that really put pressure on the healthcare system,” Busby said.

Canada ‘woefully unprepared’ to deal with senior population surge, Senate committee hears. In addition to raising the retirement age, the report recommends that the federal government end universal Old Age Security and instead target it to those who would struggle without it, “rather than to spread out OAS benefits across all population groups aged 65 or older.”

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Joe Barton, Senior Texas Republican, Apologizes for Explicit Photo

Thursday 20:01 GMT

The heightened scrutiny of sexual impropriety on Capitol Hill has swept up a senior House Republican who on Wednesday apologized for a sexually explicit photo that wound up on the internet.

Representative Joe Barton of Texas, who was once chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and is now its vice chairman, told The Texas Tribune that he was reconsidering his political future after the photograph appeared on an anonymous Twitter account.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte