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David Price quiets his critics and sends Red Sox past Astros and into World Series

Today 14:31 GMT

With every pitch David Price threw Thursday night, every out he collected and every inning that concluded with another helpless at-bat by another helpless batter in Game 5 of the American League Championship Series, The Narrative took another dying breath.

Their 3-1 lead in the series, with two games at Fenway Park awaiting them if they needed them, made Game 5 an interesting philosophical proposition for the Red Sox: Do you go all-out for a clinching victory, or do you save some bullets for Game 6 and maybe Game 7?. The answer would depend on how well Price pitched, and by the middle of the game, the Red Sox had it: This was a night to go for the kill.

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Netflix earnings send stock surging, suggest huge decline was ‘an aberration’

Wednesday 09:58 GMT

Investors wasted no time after Netflix Inc. NFLX, +3.98%  announced it beat third-quarter earnings expectations Tuesday afternoon, sending shares of the streaming giant up 12% in after-hours trading.

Netflix stock was still feeling the effects of the post-earnings decline last quarter, having fallen 13.5% in the past three months. “Amid these massive competitors on both sides, plus traditional media firms, our job is to make Netflix stand out so that when consumers have free time, they choose to spend it with our service,” the company wrote.

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Source: Fox News

South Carolina officials warn about 'flushable' wipes after sending divers into 'raw sewage'

Thursday 15:26 GMT

They had to send scuba divers roughly 80 to 90 feet down into “raw sewage” Thursday to clear heaping piles of wipes that clogged the system.

“As we expected, they came up with these large masses of wipes in their first two loads, with more to come,” officials with the water system wrote, adding divers also removed a baseball bat and a “big piece of metal." Divers swam through “wet/raw sewage" in "complete darkness," using their hands to find the source of the obstruction.

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Source: DW

Italy sends EU Commission disputed budget proposal

Tuesday 22:47 GMT

The populist Italian cabinet gave the green light to the country's 2019 budget on Monday evening, sending off its financial framework to Brussels after the Senate approved the new budget law last week.

Since 2013, the EU body has the power to dismiss the budget proposal and ask the individual members to draw up a new one. After receiving the fiscal plan, the EU Commission has two weeks to raise its objections if the document violates the EU rules.

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Man accused of sending powder-filled letters to Trump sons to plead guilty

Thursday 15:26 GMT

The man accused of sending threatening letters packed with a mysterious white powder to President Trump’s sons and a Democratic U.S. Senator is expected to plead guilty in a Boston federal court Wednesday.

Daniel Frisiello, of Beverly, Massachusetts, was arrested earlier this year after reportedly sending a February letter filled with white powder to Donald Trump Jr.. Trump Jr.'s now-estranged wife, Vanessa Trump, opened the letter and was briefly hospitalized after being exposed to the powder.

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