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Source: BBC

How sending handwritten letters created a $1bn firm

Today 09:54 GMT

When Alexander Rinke wanted some of the world's biggest companies to employ his small start-up business he came up with a novel approach - he would send their bosses handwritten letters.

After securing an additional $50m (£39m) of investment last year, Celonis says it is now valued at more than $1bn (£780m). Born and raised in Berlin, Alexander says he started his first company when he was just 15, supplying tutors to high school students.

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Source: DW

Wolf attacks on livestock rise in Germany

Sunday 06:03 GMT

The number of wolf attacks on livestock in Germany is growing, with more than 1,667 sheep and other farm animals killed, injured or going missing in 2017.

Germany's federal documentation center, DBBW, said attacks on livestock by wolves increased by some 66 percent in 2017 compared with the year before, with 472 cases registered. Most of the farm animals killed were sheep, which are a favorite prey of wolves when the opportunity presents itself.

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Source: The Guradian

Sané and Foden send City through as dogged Newport are finally downed

Sunday 18:09 GMT

It was not to be, though, as Sané put City ahead with his 12th of the season and Foden dispatched the first of his two goals as Newport started to tire.

Ultimately, Manchester City’s class told as two goals from Phil Foden and another two from Leroy Sané and Riyad Mahrez brought the League Two club’s fairytale to an end and eased the Premier League champions into the quarter-finals. The fact that it took 51 minutes for City to open the scoring says everything about the belief, courage and spirt that Newport showed against Pep Guardiola’s team.

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Source: DW

Zimbabwe: Several miners plucked from flooded gold mine

Sunday 18:09 GMT

Rescuers in Zimbabwe have pulled nine miners — all of them under 24 years-old — alive from a flooded gold mine where more than 60 people have been trapped for three days, state television said on Saturday.

The tragedy has shone a light on the risks run by illegal gold miners, who last year contributed a large part of Zimbabwe's record 33-ton (30,000 kilograms) bullion output. Zimbabwe has been mired in a deep economic crisis since the late 1990s leading to waves of hyperinflation that hasleft much of the population in poverty.

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