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U.S. Stocks Have Been an Anomaly in Global Markets. Not Anymore.

Monday 03:19 GMT

The factors that helped U.S. stocks to solidly outperform other global equity markets this year—a booming tech sector, and seemingly little concern for the pace of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate increases—faded sharply last week, when a sudden selloff left the S&P 500 down 5% for the month.

For months, U.S. stocks powered higher to records while most of the world’s markets crumbled, a divergence that analysts and investors said wouldn’t last.

1 Article
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Corporate insiders are taking the stock market’s big selloff in stride

Saturday 21:50 GMT

Even if the insiders are right to give the current stock market the benefit of the doubt, it’s still possible that the current correction could go further, both in terms of time and magnitude, before recovering a year from now to a higher level than today.

Those following the lead of corporate insiders therefore would favor the largest-cap stocks for performance in coming months. Among industry groups within the large-cap sector, the following are those for which more than half of all firms have net insider buying, according to data from Seyhun:. For more information, including descriptions of the Hulbert Sentiment Indices, go to The Hulbert Financial Digest or email mark@hulbertratings.com.

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