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Here’s why Hillary Clinton losing her security clearance matters for the rest of us

Today 17:16 GMT

Hillary Clinton should have lost her clearance back when the government found out she had classified information on her private servers.

The State Department withdrew security clearances from five people Clinton had previously requested clearances for, as she had designated them “researchers.” One was Cheryl Mills, who was once the deputy White House counsel for President Bill Clinton who defended him during his 1999 impeachment trial.

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Voting by blockchain could add new risks to our elections — including making it easier to buy votes

Today 11:45 GMT

Looking to modernize voting practices, speed waiting times at the polls, increase voter turnout and generally make voting more convenient, many government officials — and some companies hawking voting systems — are looking to an emerging technology called a “blockchain.”

Yet as scholars who have studied traditional and blockchain-based voting, we believe that while blockchains may help with some specific issues, they can’t fix the basic problems with internet voting.

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Assassination puts Afghan election on hold for entire province of Kandahar

Saturday 10:50 GMT

The devastating attack has prompted Afghan officials to postpone parliamentary elections set for this weekend in an entire province.

We're learning more about yesterday's attack in Kandahar, and just how close the senior U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Scott Miller, was as a gunman took out the country's top police chief. The devastating attack has prompted Afghan officials to postpone parliamentary elections set for this weekend in an entire province.

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Inside Facebook's cybersecurity 'war room,' scientists fight to safeguard elections

Friday 23:42 GMT

Campus, security experts, threat intelligence investigators, data scientists and engineers are manning a war room to root out misinformation and bad actors ahead of next month's midterm elections.

On Nov. 7, the team will assess how well the strategy worked, identify any new threats that may have emerged, and decide whether the war room will become a permanent line of defense to help safeguard elections.

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Laura Ingraham: The caravan of lies and manipulation – Americans see through Democrats' phony compassion

Saturday 16:20 GMT

Democrats' phony compassion politically timed in a desperate attempt to turn out Latino voters who themselves are seeing the wonders of the Trump economy, record low unemployment and the best economy in decades.

I say it's time to walk away from the Democrats' cynical game of identity politics and emotional manipulation and towards candidates whose policies result in higher wages and better security for all Americans.

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Top DHS official Chris Krebs says ensuring election security is "a race without an end"

Saturday 09:55 GMT

Chris Krebs, the under secretary for the Department of Homeland Security's National Protection and Programs Directorate, says election security is "a race without end." On "The Takeout" podcast this week, Krebs said that while Americans should be reassured that while the 2018 election will be "one of the most secure" elections of the modern era, DHS is constantly on the forefront of battling attempted interference.

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Afghanistan postpones election after attack on a high-profile security meeting

Saturday 13:35 GMT

Afghanistan’s election commission on Friday postponed elections in Kandahar for a week, following a brazen attack on a high-profile security meeting there with a U.S. delegation that killed at least two senior provincial officials, including the province’s police chief.

Security has been steadily deteriorating in Afghanistan with increasingly audacious attacks by insurgents and Afghanistan’s security forces have been on high alert ahead of Saturday’s elections.

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