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Six of the best places to watch European films on the web


The discerning streaming service for those overwhelmed by the mass of content on Netflix and its ilk, Mubi offers a curated, rotating selection – one in, one out, every day – of 30 classic and contemporary arthouse films, with an array of themed seasons and mini-retrospectives dedicated to certain film-makers or movements.

There, international festivals offer web access to films concurrent with the festival itself: Venice, Locarno, Rotterdam and the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight are among the majors to take part.

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How Brexit revealed four new political factions

Saturday 14:29 GMT

The patterns on key Brexit votes reveal the emergence of four cross-party political factions that are wrangling for control of the negotiations.

Search for your MP to see which faction they were most closely aligned with as the Brexit votes unfolded. Here each MP is represented by a circle () and grouped by party, but key Brexit votes have upended traditional party politics and seen the formation of new cross-party alliances.

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Beautician killed herself after being released from hospital against expert's advice

Saturday 15:25 GMT

A beautician hanged herself after “religiously” researching methods of suicide following her release from hospital despite a psychiatrist's recommendation against such move, an inquest has heard. Monika Nos, 29, from Salford, U.K., described by her loved ones as “positive, open and happy,” has reportedly been suffering from depression that led to her death in October.

After being sectioned at a hospital in January last year, she was released about four months later so she could head back to her home country together with her mom.

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