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Source: The Guradian

Massachusetts' contentious tactic to fight its opioid crisis: jailing addicts

Wednesday 06:04 GMT

As Massachusetts struggles against an opioid crisis that kills five times as many people than automobile accidents every year in the state, the placement of civilly committed men in correctional facilities has emerged as one of the most controversial tactics to confront addiction in the state – and one not seen anywhere else in the nation.

If people trying to put an end to correctional facilities holding civilly committed men are successful, Cocchi says “they will devastate the commonwealth of Massachusetts, specifically western Massachusetts right now … And I will not lay down on that.”

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Source: The Week

Will the Democratic Party split?

Thursday 20:55 GMT

This split among Democratic voters at large, if it persists through multiple debates and nine months of campaigning, could well portend a primary season that ends indecisively — without the party reaching consensus on which faction should be the one to take on Trump.

Spend time on Twitter following Democratic activists and pundits and you'll be tempted to conclude that the party is divided between different factions of left-wing progressives.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte