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Argentina intensifies search for missing submarine with 44 crew members

Saturday 21:50 GMT

An Argentine submarine with 44 crew on board was missing in the South Atlantic two days after its last communication, prompting the navy to step up its search efforts late on Friday in difficult, stormy conditions.

Argentina accepted an offer from the United States for a NASA P-3 explorer aircraft, which had been stationed in the southern city of Ushuaia and was preparing to depart to Antarctica, to fly over the search area, Balbi said.

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Source: NBC News

10 top chefs reveal easy hacks for the most-searched Thanksgiving foods

Friday 01:31 GMT

Ten top chefs stopped by the TODAY kitchen to shed some light on how to prepare and serve some of the most-searched for holiday foods.

This allows for the ideal distribution on pockets of butter in the crust which is what makes a good pie crust flaky and buttery.

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