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Missing Colorado mom’s case leads to $25G reward as search at fiance’s home underway

Sunday 23:39 GMT

A reward was offered Saturday in the search for Kelsey Berreth as authorities continued to comb through the home of the Colorado mother’s fiancé in hopes of locating the 29-year-old woman who was last seen on Thanksgiving Day.

KELSEY BERRETH DISAPPEARANCE: COLORADO POLICE SEARCH HOME OF MISSING MOM'S FIANCÉ. Woodland Park Police Chief Miles De Young said on Friday that Berreth’s disappearance was “suspicious,” but authorities have not identified a suspect or person of interest.

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Source: The Guradian

The search for my inner ‘hero’: a modern masculinity retreat

Sunday 11:43 GMT

To try to answer the question, I signed up for a weekend intensive course run by the media platform and transformational workshop company Rebel Wisdom, titled The New Masculinity, at a retreat in a converted barn in Buckinghamshire.

It suggests that all myths, stories and folk tales follow the same essential pattern because they reflect inner psychological states present in all human beings and therefore contain clues to how we might better “integrate” ourselves.

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Source: Global News

‘Think crisis, think female’: Why Theresa May is a classic example of the glass cliff

Sunday 15:23 GMT

WATCH: Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker share frosty exchange ahead of Brexit summit. In 2005, U.K. researchers dubbed it “the glass cliff,” a nod to “the glass ceiling,” which refers to the unseen barriers that keep talented, well-educated women from ascending to leadership roles.

What Cook and her research partner, sociologist Christy Glass, found is that 42 per cent of the women were appointed when a company was in crisis, whereas just 22 per cent of the men ascended to CEO roles during crises.

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Weak finances may be the NRA’s undoing, this researcher says

Sunday 14:29 GMT

As a researcher who studies and tracks the finances of nonprofits, I have followed the NRA’s financial disclosures for years.

While details about the NRA’s wobbly balance sheet are surely less salacious than other news about the gun group, such as allegations and reports that it may have been a conduit for Russia to influence the Republican Party, a weak financial footing may ultimately be what saps its political power.

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Source: BBC

Review: Is the new Mary Poppins supercalifragilistic?????

Sunday 12:39 GMT

Given its heritage and the affection with which the original is held in, Mary Poppins Returns should prove the researchers' rule of thumb that sequels tend to do okay.

It has an excellent cast including Ben Whishaw, Julie Walters, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Meryl Streep, and Emily Blunt - always a mesmerising screen presence - as Mary Poppins. It looks fantastic, the special effects are special, and a great deal of money has clearly been spent in the hope of making it supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

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Source: The Guradian

Are the holidays really the hardest time of year The stats are surprising

Sunday 11:44 GMT

Night falls before you’ve left work, your very best winter coat doesn’t really keep you warm enough and the only thing you have to look forward to is sitting on your parent’s couch and realizing that you haven’t really changed since you were 14.

The authors have a theory as to why, despite this, ER visits drop during the holidays:. Leaning on others is crucial, and hopefully, it’s easier to do at this time of year.

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Big Tongues and Extra Vertebrae: The Unintended Consequences of Animal Gene Editing

Sunday 06:04 GMT

When state-sponsored scientists at Nanjing Agricultural University used Crispr to edit MSTN out of rabbits to make them meatier, 14 of the 34 engineered offspring were inexplicably born with enlarged tongues, leading the scientists to warn of abnormalities from gene editing in a 2016 research paper on their project.

“Humans have a very long history of messing around in nature with all kinds of unintended consequences,” said Lisa Moses, an animal bioethicist at Harvard Medical School’s Center for Bioethics. “It’s really hubris of us to assume that we know what we’re doing and that we can predict what kinds of bad things can happen.”

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Source: BBC

Female stars take box office lead

Friday 04:15 GMT

Conventional wisdom in Hollywood is that male stars are a bigger box office draw, often the reason given for their higher salaries.

The correlation was true irrespective of how big the production budget was: films where female stars had top billing, made more money than those with male stars. The period included the animation Trolls, with the lead character voiced by Anna Kendrick, Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson, as well as Captain America: Civil War starring Chris Evans, and two films from the Star Wars series.

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