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Source: Fox News

Brother of decorated Navy SEAL embroiled in war crimes trial says 'intervention of the president' is needed

Saturday 16:19 GMT

Sean Gallagher’s plea on “Fox & Friends” came just days after a military judge dropped two of the counts facing his brother, Edward Gallagher, who still stands accused of killing an injured ISIS prisoner of war in Iraq during a deployment in 2017.

Gallagher, a married father of three, is facing charges of premeditated murder and aggravated assault, and has remained jailed in a Navy brig in California as he waits for his trial to begin on Feb. 19.

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Source: The Guradian

Sticky situation: USB found in seal faeces reunited with owner

Wednesday 04:14 GMT

The owner of a USB stick which was found in the frozen faeces of a rare leopard seal in New Zealand has been tracked down after a nationwide search and revealed to be a seal enthusiast who had helped collect the sample 12 months earlier.

Last week the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) put out of a call for the owner of a USB stick they had recovered from the scat of a leopard seal, which had sat in a scientist’s freezer for more than a year, waiting to be examined.

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Source: Fox News

Decorated Navy SEAL’s brother, wife say ‘dirty games’ by government led to postponement of war crimes trial

Today 08:04 GMT

The wife and brother of a decorated Navy SEAL leader alleged to have killed an injured ISIS prisoner of war in Iraq say “dirty games” being played by the government led to the postponement of the trial’s scheduled start date this week, and the officer's lawyers want to make sure prosecutors don’t pull any more “fast ones.”

Andrea, the wife of Special Operations Chief Edward "Eddie" Gallagher,? and ??????Sean Gallagher, Eddie's brother, made the comments in a co-statement posted to Facebook after news emerged that the start of his war crimes trial was pushed back to May 28.

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