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Source: The Guradian

Carly Booth faces criticism over sponsorship deal with Golf Saudi

Today 05:09 GMT

The Scottish golfer Carly Booth has suffered an online backlash after announcing a sponsorship deal with Golf Saudi in social media posts that were subsequently deleted.

The body on Thursday distanced itself from the 26-year-old’s involvement with Golf Saudi with a spokesperson insisting any matters arising from sponsorship deals were for Booth and her management to address. Booth’s posts were removed on Wednesday afternoon, but Golf Saudi are still listed as a sponsor on her official website at time of writing.

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Source: Reuters

Brexit discontent drives new grassroots push for Scottish independence

Today 06:04 GMT

As Brexit gnaws at Britain’s political structure, supporters of an independent Scotland are launching a new grassroots campaign aimed at convincing a large majority of Scots to back a split from the United Kingdom.

They voted to remain in the European Union in the 2016 Brexit referendum in which England and Wales voted to leave, and discontent over the handling of Brexit is widespread. “Voices for Scotland”, a crowd-funded initiative with about 100,000 participants, will try to boost support for secession to 60 percent via a clipboard-wielding army of activists who aim to cover the whole of Scotland.

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Source: BBC

Billy McNeill: Former Celtic captain & manager dies aged 79

Wednesday 06:04 GMT

McNeill led Celtic when they beat Inter Milan 2-1 in 1967 and captained the club to nine successive titles, seven Scottish Cups and six League Cups.

In May 2017, McNeill was able to attend an event at Glasgow City Chambers, to mark the 50th anniversary of Celtic's triumph over Inter Milan in Lisbon.

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