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Breakingviews - Cox: Global finance has a Saudi Arabia problem

Monday 13:37 GMT

This year, Saudi Arabia generated $247 million in fees from selling securities, arranging loans and advising on deals, according to Refinitiv.

While this hardly offset the beheadings in Deera Square and virtual absence of the rule of law, financiers, policymakers - even journalists like myself- saw hopeful signs of a more liberal and humanistic Saudi Arabia. The consensus was that while MBS has absolute powers, he understood the desire of his people for more freedom – and with clarity envisioned a future where the lifeblood of his nation’s economy, oil, would deplete.

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COMMENTARY: A possible angry reaction shouldn’t deter us from criticizing the Saudis

Sunday 14:30 GMT

WATCH: ‘We can’t let this happen’: Trump speaks to disappearance of Saudi journalist. Rob Breakenridge is host of “Afternoons with Rob Breakenridge” on Global News Radio 770 Calgary and a commentator for Global News.

WATCH: Trudeau comments on Saudi journalist’s disappearance, says keeping armoured vehicle contract. It was a delicate tap-dance around the larger question of what it might take for us to sever any of these lucrative ties with the Saudis.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte