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Ease or Squeeze U.S., Seoul Wrangle Over North Korea Policy

Friday 15:27 GMT

Friction is growing between South Korea and the U.S. over how best to persuade North Korea to give up its nuclear program, with Washington maintaining pressure and Seoul seeking to ease sanctions and reduce the North’s isolation.

A South Korean Foreign Ministry official said this week that Seoul would continue to coordinate with the U.S. on North Korea sanctions and would avoid unnecessary controversies.

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Haley rips into Iran’s ‘crony terrorism,’ use of child soldiers in fiery return to Security Council

Friday 17:17 GMT

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, returning to the Security Council for the first time since she announced her intention to step down earlier this month, tore into Iran’s alleged use of child soldiers on Thursday and accused the regime of “crony terrorism.” “The use of child soldiers is a moral outrage that every civilized nation rejects while Iran celebrates it,” she said in remarks to the chamber.

Her remarks came two days after the Treasury announced sanctions against a network of businesses and financial institutions linked to the Basij Resistance Force -- a wing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard which the U.S. says uses child soldiers.

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