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Source: Fox News

Bob Costas says criticizing NFL safety got him pulled from NBC Super Bowl coverage

Monday 19:59 GMT

Bob Costas, the sports broadcasting legend who worked at NBC for decades, revealed that the network pulled him from its coverage of last year's Super Bowl because he publicly criticized the sport's safety.

FLASHBACK: BOB COSTAS WARNS FUTURE OF FOOTBALL IS BLEAK BECAUSE SPORT 'DESTROYS PEOPLE'S BRAINS'. Weeks before the 2018 Super Bowl, Costas told Sports Business Daily that the choice for him not to cover NBC's pregame show was "mutually agreeable." He added, "Not only do I not have a problem with it, I am actually happy about it."

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Source: DW

Germany: Fire risk prompts high-rise evacuations in Duisburg

Today 00:34 GMT

Duisburg in September last year ordered precautionary high-rise evacuations of two families when it found a fire ladder height-limit had been exceeded.

Experts called in Thursday to follow up on checks made last week had confirmed "considerable fire safety deficiencies," said Duisburg city building oversight official Andre Haack. "There is a densely branched system of shafts that lead into individual apartments and stairwells, through which smoke can spread unhindered in the event of a fire," Haack told WDR.

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