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Source: The Guradian

Trump policy of less safety and more offshore drilling is 'a recipe for disaster'


Offshore oil and gas drilling in the US is plagued by “systemic failures” in oversight that are being worsened by Trump administration attempts to expand drilling and roll back safety requirements, a new report has warned.

This situation is further deteriorating due to the Trump administration opening up almost all US waters to offshore drilling, as well as repealing Obama-era safety rules put in place after the Deepwater Horizon spill, according to the report, released on the eve of the ninth anniversary of the disaster.

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Source: Global News

Canadian officials look to U.S. counterparts for no-fly list solutions

Monday 18:09 GMT

Canadian security officials have turned to their U.S. counterparts for advice on revamping Ottawa’s troublesome no-fly list that has ensnared young children trying to check in at the airport.

Canada’s no-fly list poses ‘national security risk,’ but a fix is still years away. Newly released memos show Canadian representatives held a series of consultations with American officials to learn from their experiences implementing a new passenger screening and redress system a decade ago.

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How a flight to safety amid a weakening global economy could complicate central-bank policy

Thursday 21:51 GMT

Sweden’s Riskbank joined a chorus of central banks, including Bank of Japan and the Bank of Canada in recent days, downgrading the likelihood of normalizing crisis-era monetary policies, amid mounting concerns about contracting international growth.

The research company said a pickup in risk-related trading will dictate moves in foreign-exchange markets. “We don’t think that monetary policy will continue to be the primary driver of these currencies this year,” analysts at Capital Economics said on Thursday discussing the recent moves in the Swedish krona, USDSEK, +1.0238%  the Canadian dollar USDCAD, -0.0593%  and the Japanese yen.

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