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Choppers Try to Rotate From Oil Industry to the Military


About a fifth of the global fleet of around 1,800 choppers is grounded because of weak demand as falling oil prices hit energy exploration and production, according to helicopter-company executives.

The uncertainty about the industry helped drive Waypoint Leasing Holdings Ltd., one of the biggest renters of commercial helicopters, into bankruptcy protection last week. Airbus, fleet-operators such as Bristow Group Inc. and leasing companies such as the Milestone Aviation arm of General Electric Co. are trying to convert helicopters for use by the U.S. military and government work overseas—but with limited success.

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U.S. lawmakers make final push to win approval of self-driving car...

Wednesday 00:35 GMT

Key U.S. senators are making a last-ditch effort to win approval of a bill to speed the use of self-driving cars without human controls, but face an uphill battle on Capitol Hill.

The pair have been working for more than a year to try to win approval of the bill by the Senate and have said they may try to attach the measure to a bill to fund U.S. government operations. The U.S. House unanimously approved a measure in September 2017, but it has been stalled in the Senate for over a year.

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Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer on dairy, safety and crime

Wednesday 17:16 GMT

Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer sat down with Global’s Heather Steele during his visit to Winnipeg Monday, where they discussed public safety, the dairy industry’s supply management system, carbon tax and more.

Q: I want to talk about dairy because we have roughly 50,000 dairy cows here in Manitoba and quite frankly a lot of farmers that are very concerned about their long-term future.

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Hate lugging cat litter Don't make us Amazon warehouse workers do it

Thursday 14:32 GMT

Bags of kitty litter are stored precariously in the warehouse in shabby cardboard boxes that split and spill their contents.

With Amazon becoming the ‘everything store’, your weighty purchases – summer barbecues, Instant Pot pressure cookers, bookshelves, full-length Turkish carpets, dumbbells, mattresses, and, of course, dog food and kitty litter – flow through our sorting center by the thousands.

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Facebook is in trouble with users -- Here's how it can save itself

Today 03:18 GMT

Facebook should seize this opportunity to make itself welcoming for a plurality of voices, fulfilling its mission to “give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”

Facing increasing scrutiny, Facebook recently announced its new “Blueprint for Content Governance and Enforcement,” outlining how the company wants to change its approach to moderating speech and working with regulators.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte