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Source: Fox News

Buffett son spends millions to boost border security in rural Arizona, report says

Saturday 22:43 GMT

Howard Buffett, Warren’s oldest son, has become a crusader at the border, using his organizations and wealth to boost security efforts of local authorities and volunteer groups, according to a recent report.

Buffett published a book in April 2018, titled "Our 50-State Border Crisis: How the Mexican Border Fuels the Drug Epidemic Across America,” suggesting his own idea of what needs to be done at the border to boost security.

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Source: DW

My Europe: Torn between the 'urban' and the 'rural' self

Sunday 12:39 GMT

Boris Kalnoky is a Hungary-based correspondent who writes for the German daily "Die Welt" as well as other German-language media.

You're likely to meet this incarnation of the citizens of East-Central Europe primarily in the countryside and in the hearts of those who are neither really young anymore nor really old, who are neither very wealthy nor very poor, who have both families and jobs.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte