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Source: Global News

Why critics worry about a Russian official running Interpol

Today 14:30 GMT

Bill Browder, who runs an investment fund that had once operated in Moscow, said Russian President Vladimir Putin has tried to use Interpol to hunt down critics and electing a Russian to lead the agency could intensify such efforts.

A financier and Kremlin critic warned Tuesday that naming a top Russian police official to be president of Interpol would undermine the international law enforcement agency and politicize police cooperation across borders.

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Source: CBS News

Time "running out" for war-torn Yemen as Saudis delay peace proposal

Today 11:45 GMT

With as many as 14 million at risk of starvation amid a gruelling war between Yemeni rebels and a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia, the Saudis and their partners have delayed a British plan to forge a peace deal.

In the meantime, aid is being delayed, and as the World Food Program chief said Friday as he returned from Yemen, "time is running out."

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Source: CBS News

Runner and doctor who saved her during New York City Marathon reunite

Tuesday 03:20 GMT

On November 4th, more than 52,000 people from around the world came shoulder-to-shoulder to run the New York City Marathon.

Kristie Elfering, 41, an experienced ultramarathon runner from Minnesota, had run countless long-distance races but was excited to hop off the trails of her home state and onto the busy streets of New York for the city's legendary marathon. Two of those runners came together at mile 16 that day and changed each others' lives forever.

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Source: Fox News

After further review: Photo proves Harvard running back didn't flip off Yale defenders

Monday 22:44 GMT

Harvard running back Devin Darrington was penalized for what appeared to be an obscene gesture toward chasing Yale defenders during the Crimson's 45-27 win over the Bulldogs on Saturday.

It turned into the flip seen 'round the world, as video clearly showed Darrington running toward the goal line with a single digit held aloft for his pursuers to see. Just one problem: A photograph from Harvard's student paper clearly shows Darrington raised his index finger, not his middle finger.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte