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‘Made me feel really sick’: Lethbridge woman captures video of officer repeatedly running over injured deer


A woman in Lethbridge, Alta., captured a disturbing incident on her cellphone of a police officer running over a deer multiple times with his patrol vehicle as the animal lay dying on a street in the city’s north end.

WATCH: Lethbridge Police address disturbing video of officer repeatedly running over deer. It is unclear why the officer did not use his standard issue sidearm to kill the injured deer.

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PM calls three Feb. 25 byelections; Singh hopes to win Burnaby South

Thursday 20:55 GMT

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called three federal byelections, to be held on Feb. 25, including in the riding where NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is running for a seat.

On the weekend, Singh rallied volunteers at his Burnaby South, B.C. campaign office, telling his supporters that Trudeau was prohibiting thousands of Canadians from having prompt representation in the House of Commons by waiting over 100 days to announce the byelections in each of these ridings.

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Wildlife expert questions training, resources of Lethbridge officer seen running over injured deer

Thursday 22:45 GMT

The training and resources of the Lethbridge police officer seen repeatedly running over an injured deer on a city street are being called into question by a wildlife expert, who says a person should “never, ever” euthanize an animal by running it over.

‘Made me feel really sick’: Lethbridge woman captures video of officer repeatedly running over injured deer. In the video, filmed by a Lethbridge resident on Saturday night, the officer can be seen running over the young, injured deer several times as the animal is heard shrieking.

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Source: The Guradian

Which is the best laptop for music production?

Thursday 23:40 GMT

As I understand it, you want to do everything on one laptop, which could mean taking your work machine into hazardous nightclub-style environments.

I am a musician and software developer who wants to get into live coding and electronica using software like Sonic Pi and maybe, in the future, Max/MSP from Cycling 74. Most people seem to use Apple’s MacBook Pros, but I have always been a Windows user, and develop software on Windows using Visual Studio, so I am reluctant to switch to a Mac.

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Source: Reuters

Running out of reasons to rally, U.S. dollar set to slip: Reuters poll

Friday 00:35 GMT

The U.S. dollar’s rally is largely over, according to about two-thirds of currency strategists polled by Reuters who said a dialing-back of rate hike expectations has diminished the greenback’s edge over its peers.

The Jan. 2-9 poll of 75 analysts showed the dollar is now forecast to give up most of its 2018 gains over the coming 12 months, hurt by a U.S. economy expected to lose steam as the year progresses.

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Source: Fox News

The Democratic Party is running on fumes (and Trump knows it)

Saturday 04:14 GMT

Since 2015, the old media oligarchy has been unsuccessfully trying to pin Donald Trump to the ground like Gulliver, but he contemptuously breaks every one of their slings and arrows.

With a growing economy, tax cuts, more jobs higher wages, better trade deals for the country, the appointment of conservative judges, peace negotiations with North Korea, a new Mideast policy and in advocating immigration reform, President Trump can honestly state he has covered the backs of the American people.

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Source: The Guradian

The Sopranos, glorious pioneer of today’s TV golden age

Sunday 12:39 GMT

In “College”, the fifth episode of The Sopranos, the double life of troubled mobster Tony Soprano comes into sharp focus.

The vast amount of brilliant, idiosyncratic television that we now enjoy is due in no small part to David Chase’s refusal to be full of shit.

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The 2020 election is here and guess who the Democrats' frontrunner is?

Tuesday 09:54 GMT

What a difference a week makes: In the span of seven days, with bookend visits to Iowa and New Hampshire, Elizabeth Warren established herself as the early front runner for the Democratic nomination in 2020.

While Warren doesn’t mention either one by name in her speeches – and there is a real chance that neither one of them will run in 2020 – the contrast couldn’t be more clear. Sanders, like Trump, has talked a good game but never managed to get anything done in his congressional career that helped working families, or anyone for that matter.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte