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Jared Kushner could lose security clearance under new White House rules

Sunday 20:55 GMT

‘Jared Kushner Act’ aims to limit arrests over unpaid rent in Maryland. Last November, CNN and NBC News reported that that over 100 people working in Trump’s office did not have permanent security clearance including Kushner, his wife Ivanka Trump and and White House aide Porter, who resigned Feb. 7 following allegations of domestic abuse.

In an effort to avoid another Rob Porter situation, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly announced Friday that he was strengthening the process for White House aides to receive security clearance.

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The White House Flouts the First Rule of Crisis Communications: Get the Facts Out Fast

Friday 14:33 GMT

The rule of thumb for crisis communications in any White House is to get a complete and accurate account of events out quickly, if for no other reason than to keep a negative story from lasting longer than it otherwise might.

“It’s very clear that in this situation, one of the reasons they’re struggling here is there’s not one complete set of information on what happened, why it happened and what to do to move forward,” said Doug Heye, a former congressional aide and communications director for the Republican National Committee. “This should have been a two or three day story.”

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Kelly Orders Overhaul to White House Security Clearance After Abuse Claims

Saturday 20:56 GMT

John F. Kelly, the White House chief of staff, ordered an overhaul of the process for granting security clearances, acknowledging that mistakes and shortcomings were exposed by the handling of marital abuse allegations against one of President Trump’s top aides.

White House officials had earlier said that they were unaware of the allegations against Mr. Porter because the F.B.I. had reported their concerns to a security office staffed by career officials who did not communicate to the West Wing.

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White House portrayal of security office conflicts with its role in past administrations

Saturday 01:32 GMT

The White House’s portrayal of the role played by an obscure security office in the spiraling controversy over allegations of domestic abuse against a top aide appears to conflict with how the office operated in past administrations and raises additional questions about whether higher-ups sat on information or shielded the politically connected staffer.

Rudy Mehrbani, who worked in the White House counsel’s office and later directed the Presidential Personnel Office under President Barack Obama, said that if staffers in the security office found troubling information, they would often flag it mid-process for a lawyer in the counsel’s office.

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Trump aides are asked if they are vulnerable to blackmail

Friday 20:02 GMT

Top White House officials seeking security clearances are asked to disclose whether anything in their backgrounds — or those of family members — could pose a conflict of interest, be a source of embarrassment or be used to blackmail them, according to an excerpt of a questionnaire obtained by NBC News.

Legal experts say that the allegations of domestic violence against former White House staff secretary Rob Porter would have almost certainly qualified as a source of embarrassment and possible blackmail, and therefore would have posed an impediment to him being granted a full clearance.

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White House Chief of Staff John Kelly tightens security clearance process in wake of Rob Porter fiasco

Saturday 22:45 GMT

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly signed off Friday on an overhaul of security clearance procedures in the wake of criticism over his response to the Rob Porter affair.

Kelly, who has faced tough questions over how Porter continued to work as a Trump administration aide despite allegations he abused his two previous wives, agreed to changes that put the burden on the FBI and the Justice Department to provide more information and updates on security clearances.

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