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Source: Washington Post

Australian circus school tied to sex abuse and ‘blood rituals,’ police say

Tuesday 09:56 GMT

A website affiliated with the school says the space offered neophyte performers — including special needs children — the “opportunity to learn and master circus skill in an environment balanced with circus fun and discipline.” “My daughter joined the circus classes last year and we attended weekly for a few terms,” one mother told the Daily Mail recently.

The Arcade Circus operated out of a dilapidated green-roofed brick warehouse pressed snugly against a hillside in Katoomba, an Australian town in the country’s scenic Blue Mountains.

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Source: CBS News

"We don't hurt children": Vodou practitioners fear backlash after recent crimes

Tuesday 18:13 GMT

Practitioners of Haitian Vodou, which adherents spell differently to distinguish it from other variants, say the religion does not sanction violence and fear the crimes will spark a backlash against their community.

Elizabeth McAlister, a religion professor at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, who specializes in Haitian Vodou and other Afro-Caribbean faiths, also questioned the link between Vodou and the two cases.

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Source: New York Times

Orthodox Jew, Unorthodox Boxing Teacher

Sunday 10:50 GMT

Yuri Foreman, born an Orthodox Jew in the former Soviet republic Belarus, is a world champion super welterweight who, as a teenager, trained in an Arabic boxing gym in Haifa, Israel.

After a Golden Gloves championship as an amateur and a North American title as a pro, he achieved his ultimate goal when he defeated Daniel Santos in 2009 to become the World Boxing Association’s super welterweight champion, and the first Israeli to do so in any class.

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