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A ‘full worm super moon’ will rise on the first day of spring. Here’s how to watch

Today 12:41 GMT

Spring officially arrives on Wednesday with a rare lunar phenomenon known as a “full worm super moon,” the third and final full super moon of 2019.

Here’s how the ‘super blood wolf moon’ eclipse looked across the world. Weather permitting, the moon will appear slightly larger in the sky on Wednesday night, according to NASA. Spring officially arrives on Wednesday with a rare lunar phenomenon known as a “full worm super moon,” the third and final full super moon of 2019.

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Source: The Guradian

Sex schedulers: meet the couples who diarise their love lives

Today 07:00 GMT

What is typical in couples of all ages, persuasions and backgrounds is feelings of profound anxiety and shame around sex – that we’re not having enough sex, good enough sex or sex with the right person.

One friend tells me, while wincing, of an acquaintance who enters scheduled sex into a shared Google calendar as “boom time”, while Reddit is full of obnoxious husbands making Excel spreadsheets of their sex lives (or lack thereof). “There’s no Google calendar,” says Krogh, firmly.

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Living the 'High Life' in London

Today 14:30 GMT

"In London, towers are still a novelty, and living in a skyscraper has a certain status attached to it," says Mark Dorman, head of London residential development and investment at real estate agency Strutt & Parker. "Up until 2009 or 2010, there were virtually no tall residential towers in London," he says.

Hannah Aykroyd, a managing director at London buying agency Aykroyd & Co, says a lot of her international clients request high-rise living specifically for impressive and uninterrupted vistas across London.

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Chernobyl ‘may still be killing us’ as book warns disaster might be behind ‘global rise in cancer and disease’

Today 14:30 GMT

Chernobyl could still be 'killing us' according to a new book which suggests the disaster may be responsible for the global rise in cancers and diseases.

The book ends with Brown calling for the impact of nuclear radiation on human health and the facts and figures surrounding Chernobyl to be reassessed.

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Source: The Guradian

The rise of sad rap: how hip-hop got the blues

Monday 00:33 GMT

Hip-hop may be having a sad moment, but when mainstream global megastars are talking openly about being bipolar (Kanye West) or needing therapy (Jay-Z), it only makes sense that the art they produce should be an imitation of life.

Dr AD Carson, professor of hip-hop and the global south at Virginia University, believes hip-hop has always articulated pain and anguish, but that as the cultural conversation around mental health has shifted and the language has changed, so has rap.

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Source: The Week

What is 5G and will it live up to the hype?

Monday 10:49 GMT

Phone companies have made big promises for their new 5G networks, but will the next generation of wireless live up to the hype?

Mobile Ecosystem analyst Mark Lowenstein advises that "a dose of reality is needed," along with "patience and a long view."

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