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Source: The Guradian

Florida election official Brenda Snipes resigns after tumultuous recount

Tuesday 14:31 GMT

An embattled Florida elections supervisor, Brenda Snipes, has resigned following the tumultuous and at times bitter voting and recount process in the knife-edge midterm election in her state, according to reports.

A few hours after the election recount finished in Florida on Sunday – almost two weeks after election day on 6 November – Snipes submitted a resignation letter, according to the Sun Sentinel and other reports.

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Source: Fox News

After dramatic recounts, most Florida offices belong to Republicans

Tuesday 01:29 GMT

Florida's dramatic and controversial election season finally came to an end this weekend after races for U.S. Senate and governor went to Republican Gov. Rick Scott and former U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, respectively.

The results mean that the Sunshine State has two Republican senators for the first time since Reconstruction and all but one of Florida's state offices are held by the GOP. Three-term Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson conceded to Scott on Sunday, drawing the hotly contested Senate race to a close after 12 days of legal wrangling.

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