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Source: The Guradian

Welcome to Limassolgrad: the city getting rich on Russian money

Today 00:36 GMT

Nearly five years on from Cyprus’s near financial collapse and bailout, Limassol is undergoing a property development boom fuelled by Russian money.

Limassol has long been a magnet for affluent Russian expatriates, with the city earning the moniker “Limassolgrad” partly because of its reputation as a hub for offshore Russian finance and those wanting to hide their riches.

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Source: New York Times

Patricia Frustaci, 63, Dies; Septuplets Put Her in Spotlight

Saturday 21:51 GMT

Patricia Frustaci, a teacher who gave birth in 1985 to the first septuplets known to have been born in the United States, an event that put her in the glare of the international news media, died on Feb. 10 at a hospital near her home in San Diego.

Her daughter Patti Carpenter is married with two children; her son Richard lives independently; and her son Stephen is cared for by his father.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte