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Hungary: pithy insult dogs Orbán as anti-government protesters resort to ridicule

Monday 20:00 GMT

The abbreviation is short for Orbán egy geci, a pithy phrase deriding the prime minister, Viktor Orbán, using a Hungarian expletive that literally means sperm but is used as a catch-all insult.

The code has been adopted by anti-government protesters who have been holding demonstrations for the past six weeks against Orbán’s nativist government, accusing Orbán of increasing authoritarianism and a crackdown on the media.

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Disney, Dollar Tree, a trash collector and a ski resort are top picks from this year’s Barron’s Roundtable

Sunday 19:59 GMT

Don’t like Disney DIS, +0.03%   much right now? Check in with the rest of this year’s Barron’s Roundtable, in which the 10 participants, including Ahlsten and his five stock picks, shared their stock (and bond and fund) favorites for the new year.

The pros offer up 48 specific ways that they think investors can prosper in a changing and tumultuous world, including the best selections among down-and-out industrials, fast-growing pharma stocks and which pick within the dollar-store dominion is the best bet (cheat sheet: it’s Dollar Tree).

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