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Source: The Guradian

Sri Lanka's PM resigns in effort to ease constitutional crisis

Saturday 22:44 GMT

Sri Lanka’s prime minister has resigned, saying he wanted to end a long political crisis over his appointment and allow the president to form a new government.

Sri Lanka has had no functioning government for nearly two weeks and faces the prospect of being unable to pass a budget for next year if a new government is not appointed quickly. It put off the next hearing until mid-January, when it plans to rule on whether they should remain in office after losing two no-confidence votes.

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Source: Fox News

McCain replacement Sen. Jon Kyl resigning at end of year

Saturday 15:24 GMT

Sen. Jon Kyl is resigning from the seat he was appointed to less than four months ago following the death of John McCain, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announced Friday.

Ducey sidestepped selecting a longer-term replacement after McCain died on Aug. 25, saying he picked Kyl because he was "the best possible person, regardless of politics" for the job. But Kyl made it clear he only agreed to the appointment out of a sense of duty and had no plans to stay in the job for long.

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