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Source: Washington Post

Trump appointee tapped days ago to run Interior Department’s watchdog office resigns amid controversy

Today 08:06 GMT

A top Trump administration political appointee who just two days ago was on track to lead the Interior Department’s inspector general’s office resigned Friday from the federal government, according to an administration official.

Mary Kendall, who has served as Interior’s deputy inspector general for nine years but was not confirmed by the Senate to the top spot, is conducting at least four investigations into Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s conduct.

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Source: Fox News

Alaska lieutenant governor steps down over 'inappropriate comments'

Wednesday 13:38 GMT

Alaska Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott resigned Tuesday over unspecified inappropriate comments, complicating what was already a difficult re-election fight for Gov. Bill Walker.

Word of Mallott's resignation was beginning to circulate among the delegates at the Alaska Federation of Natives conference, where Mallott, an Alaska Native leader from southeast Alaska, had long been treated as a rock star. On Tuesday, as Walker and Davidson held their brief news conference at the governor's office in Anchorage, the largest gathering of Alaska Natives in the state was being held nearby at the city's convention center.

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Source: Fox News

USA Gymnastics chief resigns over anti-Nike tweet, addresses Kaepernick

Thursday 01:31 GMT

Interim USA Gymnastics President Mary Bono resigned Tuesday after less than one week in the role, days after a resurfaced anti-Nike post from her Twitter account drew criticism from Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles and others.

Dr. Larry Nasser, the team’s former doctor, has been accused and convicted of dozens of counts of sexual assault against current and former USA gymnasts.

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Source: DW

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias resigns over Macedonia

Thursday 15:26 GMT

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias resigned on Wednesday after reports of a clash with Defense Minister Panos Kammenos over the agreement made with neighboring Macedonia for a name change.

Greece's coalition government appears to be unravelling after the foreign minister resigned over the name-changing deal with neighboring Macedonia. Tsipras is under pressure from a key coalition ally.

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Source: The Guradian

Indian minister resigns over #MeToo allegations

Thursday 14:31 GMT

There are 48 members of parliament across India with cases registered against them relating to crimes against women, a quarter of them members of the BJP, according to statistics from the Association for Democratic Reforms thinktank.

Akbar has been a prominent figure in Indian public life for decades as a writer, the editor of national newspapers, a confidant of the former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and as part of the prime minister Narendra Modi’s government.

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Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor Resigns, Roiling Governor’s Race

Thursday 09:01 GMT

Mr. Walker, in a separate statement, said it is too late for Mr. Mallott to remove his name from the ballot, but that Mr. Mallott wouldn’t accept the position of lieutenant governor if elected.

JUNEAU, Alaska—Alaska Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott resigned Tuesday over unspecified inappropriate comments, complicating an already difficult re-election fight for Gov. Bill Walker. Mr. Mallott, in his resignation letter, said his decision was “compelled by inappropriate comments I made that placed a person whom I respect and revere in a position of vulnerability.”

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