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Kirsten Gillibrand is a feminist candidate. No wonder she is being attacked

Sunday 09:54 GMT

When Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, of New York, announced her presidential run on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show this week, the American public was exposed to something that they hadn’t seen since the 1972 presidential run of Shirley Chisholm: a contender for the nation’s highest office who is a committed and vocal feminist.

The ire directed at Gillibrand does not come from a presumption that Franken could not have stooped himself to doing the things he is accused of, and it does not come from a presumption that Gillibrand could have, or should have been able to stop him herself.

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After Devastating Wildfires, California Markets Start 2019 on a Sour Note

Monday 13:35 GMT

As California residents try to recover from the deadly wildfires that destroyed tens of thousands of homes in 2018, local real estate markets that were hard-hit by the destruction are attempting to make a parallel comeback, though that could take months or even years.

Patrick Carlisle, the San Francisco-based chief market analyst for Compass, a national residential real estate firm, said the northern California markets he studies appear to have suffered after the series of fires that started in late 2017 and were topped off last fall with the massive Camp Fire.

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Trump at presidential halfway mark: Where he stands on campaign promises

Sunday 21:49 GMT

As he reaches that milestone in his presidency, we offer this look at some of the promises Trump made from the campaign trail – and where he stands on delivering them.

Blocking White House officials’ foreign lobbying: One of the very first campaign promises Trump kept was banning White House officials for life from lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. He’s kept that promise, donating portions of the money to various Cabinet departments.

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