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Source: CBS News

3 hikers rescued from San Francisco cliff

Saturday 18:11 GMT

The San Francisco Fire Department was able to rescue three adults who got trapped on a cliff at San Francisco's Baker Beach Friday afternoon, officials said.

Michael Norton, a friend of the three hikers, told CBS San Francisco they were all visiting from Crockett, Texas, near Houston. And found themselves stuck on the steep cliff about 75 feet down from the top of the cliff face.

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Source: DW

Evolution to the rescue for white-coated critters caught out by climate change

Friday 18:12 GMT

"This idea that evolution could rescue animal species from extinction due to climate change may seem radical but that's because we still tend to think that evolution only happens on the time scale of fossils, over millions of years," Mills said. "The fact is, over the last couple decades science has shown without doubt that under the right conditions, meaningful adaptive changes can happen fast — more in the range of tens of years."

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